Women secure only squash win

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After last year’s disappointing squash results, Lancaster were unable to make any vast improvements. Although the women took another impressive victory, winning 4-0, none of the three male teams secured any valuable Roses points in the sports centre.

It only took York three sets to win this best of 5 series in the men’s 1sts, the minimum number they required and the quickest route to victory. If we only look at the numbers, this obviously comes across badly for Lancaster, but in reality there was a lot more going on. Each of Lancaster’s representatives played well, the issue was that York fielded a phenomenal series of players that Lancaster couldn’t quite match up to.

The 3rd team suffered a similar fate, failing to win a set. York’s superiority was also highlighted by getting revenge in the 2nds, winning 4-1, after Lancaster took an impressive victory on away turf in 2015.

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