Lancaster cruise in canoe polo

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I must say that for someone who has never seen this sport in action before, canoe polo was a really intense one! It was probably one of the most interesting and dynamic games I have ever seen. People describe it as a mixture between water polo, basketball and rugby but in a kayak. It is unique!


Lancaster University’s team president, Kirsten Lee, had high expectations from the men’s team, as they haven’t lost a game in the past decade in Roses. This year’s result; 11-0, with the Lancaster team proudly securing another win for Lancaster.

In the first half of the game, Lancaster had already scored six times, with Chris Tighe scoring two times in a row for Lancaster. York tried hard to keep up with Lancaster’s pace, but it did not work out as well as they wanted to. Lancaster University’s team stepped up their game during the second half, with the team’s captain, Ruaidhri Meghen scoring three times, Adam Finley scoring once and Jonathan Hayton scoring as well. It was an amazing effort from all guys in the team, with some very strong paddlers and keepers. A really good game and an even better win for Lancaster!


Another amazing win from the Lancaster women’s team, with the final score of 9-0! Strong keepers, strong paddles good shooting arms. A really good game for the women’s team.

In the first five minutes of the game, Kirsten Lee, Sarah Creighton and Emily Farrow managed to score, with the Lancaster team already having an advantage over to York’s team of 3-0. The first half of the game ended, with Steph Bryan and Emily Farrow scoring again for Lancaster. You needed to see this, there was a proper team effort going on. During the second half of the game, Layla Page, Lee, Creighon and Farrow managed to score once more each for Lancaster securing another win. What a game!

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