York’s women are not to be lacrossed

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Taking place immediately after the York Men’s Lacrosse team beat Lancaster by a narrow margin, both Women’s teams seemed keen to get started. The Women’s Lacrosse this year was worth 4 points, so the pressure was already on for both teams. At last year’s competition away at York, the home team won by a large margin of 18-2.

From the beginning of the match York were the more dominant side. York scored their first goal in the second minute of the match and after this goals came in thick and fast from the York side taking the score at halftime to 14-0. The first half seemed fully controlled by the York women who spent the majority of the time inside the Lancaster half and taking shots on the Lancaster goal. Despite a number of good saves from the Lancaster goalkeeper, York managed to slide past the Lancaster defence with ease.

Going into the second half the Lancaster women were still in high spirits with Lancaster supporters cheering them on from the sidelines. The switching of sides didn’t do the Lancaster side many favours as the York side scored just as many goals the other way. At almost half way through, the Lancaster team managed to score their only goal for the game, much to the surprise of the supporters who had a particularly delayed reaction. This Lancaster goal left the final score at an impressive 28-1.

SCAN spoke to the captains of both teams to find out what they thought of the match. Lancaster Captain, Rosie Mawer, who watched the game from the sidelines, said that the match “obviously wasn’t the best result (for Lancaster) but it shows how much we’ve progressed as a squad over the year”. Despite this, she said that it was still “a shame about the final score”.

York Captain, Charlotte Western, told SCAN that “it was a superb game, both sides played their hearts out” and also, understandably, that she “couldn’t be a prouder Captain!”

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