Lancaster pot pool double

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Lancaster and York’s pool teams came together on Friday night to put on one of the most entertaining events of Roses in Lonsdale Bar. Lancaster started the first frame well, but one mistake at the end meant that York managed to take the victory. However despite a solid start, this was the only time in the match where York looked liked they would win.

After losing the first frame, Lancaster won the next frame in spectacular fashion with York only managing to pot two balls. This great form only continued in the next frame that saw Lancaster winning off the break. Lancaster continued to dominate over the next two frames, winning both of them with ease. In the sixth frame, it looked like York might manage to bring one back. However, a tricky shot on the black resulted in the white going in as well giving Lancaster a 5-1 lead.

The teams took one frame each in the next two games bringing the score to 6-2. From this point on Lancaster were unstoppable, taking the next four frames leading to victory in just 12 frames. Overall, everyone in the crowd had a brilliant time, and both teams put in an excellent performance, but Lancaster were far superior on the night.

The women, playing simultaneously put on an impressive display to overcome their Yorkshire counterparts 10-9. Whilst the men never seemed in danger, Lancaster’s women suffered more scares, with the outcome flipping between every frame. Ultimately though, after a long evening, they managed to complete an impressive pool double for the red rose.

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