An Effortless Victory for Table Tennis

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Table tennis is all about reactions, making it so lightning-fast that it can be difficult to keep up with at times! Table tennis at Roses was no exception, with both Lancaster and York sending fierce 1st teams and strong 2nd teams to compete.

Put in the simplest terms, Lancaster came out on top, with both teams securing impressive victories over York. Lancaster’s 1st team won eleven matches to York’s five, whilst Lancaster’s 2nd team defeated York with a score of fourteen matches to two.

Several of the matches were closely fought, which made for intense viewing and saw players have to think of ways to outperform their opponents mentally as well as physically. It was here that Lancaster had the advantage, demonstrating great skill in staying calm under pressure.

Other games saw Lancaster dominate completely. Table tennis uses a “best 3 out of 5 system”, with sets won when a player manages to (a) score at least 11 points, and (b) be at least two points clear of their opponent. In six of the 1st team and nine of the 2nd team games, Lancaster achieved a clean 3-0 win over York.

Lancaster were represented by Marco Chen, Xiao “Gary” Collins, Mazran Esro and Dingfan Chen (1st team) and Nicole Finn, Wilson Lai, Guan Haoran and Daniel Jackson (2nd team). York’s 1st team was made up of Isaac Beevor, Ishan Bairoliya, Agoston Hoffmann and Alex McCarthy, whilst their 2nd team consisted of Jack Kelly, Jack Taylor, Cole Tennant-Fry and Razvan Ababei.

Lancaster and York both had strong support behind them, with York supporters wearing war paint and Lancaster fans bearing signs which proudly declared their love for players on the Lancaster side.

Lancaster University Table Tennis Club told SCAN that they definitely deserved the win, with strong performances from all the members of both teams.

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