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Following England Women’s Football team’s third place finish at the 2015 Fifa World Cup, women’s football is rapidly increasing in popularity and recognition. SCAN wanted to track the progress of Lancaster University’s very own women’s football team. With LUSU’s ‘This Lancs Girl Can’ movement, the popularity of women’s football has skyrocketed, and the club were even chosen to open Roses 2016. The increase in popularity of the sport is reflected here as well, as at the start of the season; there was plenty of interest from freshers, with a large number turning up to trials and a few promising players have joined the club.

Anya states that the club is extremely inclusive and welcomes all members, and it is the team spirit which sets the club aside from others on campus, with the team not only being team-mates but good mates off the pitch as well. The club regularly hold themed socials and it is one of the only clubs on campus which has an annual tour, which involves the team travelling to a city in Europe to play a few games of football, and to generally socialise and have a good time. This year, the tour is to Prague, and the planning is already well underway. Anya states that the tour is one of the best moments of the year and of university life in general. If that doesn’t just reflect the closeness and friendship of the club, then I’m not sure what will.

Anya states that not only is the club great to be a part of off-the-pitch, the performance on-the-pitch is also very good. The club have been working hard in training, which is held twice a week, and Anya states that the club are currently working on improving defensively. At the time of going to print, the club have lost two games so far this season, and have avoided defeat in their other two BUCS fixtures. A victory came at home in a 3-2 win against Liverpool John Moores, and the other was a draw. That is a steady start of 4 points from 4 games, which could easily increase to 7 points with another win, which could be added on Wednesday 30th November, as the club line-up to face University of Manchester 2nd at home.

Although the Club are visibly improving game on game, Anya states that there is room for more improvement, and that they are working in hard training to find a way to turn draws into wins, and defeats into either draws or wins. It’s the classic cliché in football, goals win games. So LUWFC is looking at ways to score more goals, whilst ensuring that they are well balanced at the back, in order to take the lead in games, or to preserve the lead when it comes.

As Roses is slowly approaching, SCAN asked what the chances of success this year are. Anya stated ‘it can’t get much worse this year!’ The Club are desperate to amend that result, and from the results they’ve picked up so far, there is no reason why Lancaster can’t replicate the draw they picked up at Roses 2015, the last time it was in York, if not go one better. There is talk of the club looking into a hotel the night before their fixture, so the team are fresh and ready to take the fight to York, as they are desperate and confident to prove that last year’s result was simply a blip.

The Club Column always asks whether there are any standout players, and Anya was quick to respond that each player is good in their own right, and that it is playing as a team which gets them their results. It’s clear that the women’s football club is a tight-knit group, who are willing to play for, support and encourage each other. This is reflected by Anya who said that her highlight has been meeting some great new friends, as well as of course the annual tour.

Women’s Football are always willing to take on new players, as another old cliché states that you can never have too much quality!

Like most football teams, it is the home form which is the most important, so if your ever free on a Wednesday afternoon, come and support the Lancaster Women’s Football Club, not only will your support really make a difference, you will get some see some really good standard football!



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