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As SCAN has reported the Union nightclub, The Sugarhouse, is at risk from housing developments proposed around it. The Sugarhouse provides a large portion of the Union’s funding, impacting students far beyond their nights out through society funding, student support, and more.

Because of this, the Union is calling on students to help in the fight for protecting the Sugarhouse. In a press release, the Union explains:

“Next week Lancaster City Council is expected to decide whether to allow a development of 42 student flats in the building next door – the former home of the Liquid nightclub.

But the union fears that the developers – Bargh Estates and Cityblock Ltd – aren’t planning sufficient noise prevention measures in the building, meaning that Sugarhouse will be vulnerable to future noise complaints from tenants. The union says it is prepared to invest in noise mitigations at the club if developers agree to sufficient measures of their own.

Students’ Union Vice-President (Union Development) Sophie Tarif said: “Sugarhouse is at real risk and we need students to help us convince the council that this development needs to be done right.

“Council policy on noise is based on Manchester’s guidelines, which our acoustics experts say aren’t enough to protect tenants or businesses.

“We’re not against this development going ahead, we just want to make sure that it’s done right to ensure that Sugarhouse can thrive and continue to offer a great night out for students as well as fund the other activities of the union.”

There are three ways students can get involved:

  • Add an objection to the council website at
  • Show support for Sugarhouse by joining us in Dalton Square from 9.30am on Monday, December 12 for the Council planning meeting
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