LU Women+ Forum: Who are we and what do we do?

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If you’re a student at Lancaster, you may have heard of the Women+ Forum; in first term, we hosted sex positivity week and campaigned for the rights of disabled women (and more). But if you would like to know more about us: Lancaster University Women+ Forum is a group for self-defining women and non-binary folks who identify as a woman to any extent, which is led by the LUSU Women+ Students Officer (currently Alex Brock) and an elected exec committee. The purpose of the Forum is to create a space where women+ can come to relax and where we can drive campaigns that will have a direct positive impact on women and non-binary people at Lancaster university.

We believe that the most effective way to help improve the lives of women+ on campus is to listen to as many different voices as possible. That is why we have range of diverse roles in the committee, including Campaign Officer for Disabilities and Campaign Officer for Asian Women. At the moment, we have some exciting roles that are up for grabs, including Campaign Officers for Trans Women and Black Women. If you would like to find out more about any vacancies we have available, or if you would like to apply for a position, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Our campaigns focus on a wide range of issues that matter to women on campus. For example, each year, we celebrate International Women’s Day (8th March) by organising several panel discussions on important topics throughout the day, and top it off with a fun open mic event in the evening. Reclaim The Night is also a memorable event, and will be better than ever this year! On Saturday 4th March, we will start off with a pre-march event on campus, and in the evening we will be collaborating with our Welfare FTO, Dave Whitlock, for a post-march meet-up in Sugar. There will an exciting range of other campaigns and events going on throughout the term, which our campaigns officers are working hard to organise. This includes: a panel discussion on rape as a plot device in fiction (week 4); a documentary screening and discussion on honour killing in South Asia (week 3); and a #SheShouldRun campaign that provides valuable workshops and support for women wanting to run for an FTO position (week 6) – and so much more! If you have any ideas or ways to support our campaigns, then please get in touch.

Come along to our relaxed meetings on Mondays, Bowland North SR 4 7pm-8pm, which usually involve planning campaigns, talking about women’s issues, and hanging out. Also, if you would like to reach the Women+ Forum and keep up-to-date with all women-related news on campus, then please visit our Facebook page, where you can message us and add yourself to our exciting weekly newsletter: We can’t wait to hear from you!

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