New Year New Style

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“New year, new me” they say. What time is better than this for a wardrobe shakeup, and a real evaluation of your style. No time like the present. Since term two is here, we are probably all feeling the jeans and hoodie coma coming on, but hopefully you will be even just a little inspired to perk yourselves up with some new looks.

Almost every day I am wearing something different, and I wouldn’t really class myself as having a particular style – I just like clothes. My wardrobe is packed to the brim with patterns galore, from stripes to florals and plenty of textures like leather and suede. And now I’ve even got some pieces with tulle, see Sarah talk about the ballet trend if you fancy your hand at that. But it’s time for me (and you) to have a little look at what we really wear, the mistakes we make and have made, and how we can restyle ourselves for the new year.

The truth is I have an endless amount of clothes. Way too many to wear frequently. And admittedly, I only went and bought more and more over the Christmas holidays. And so, my first resolution is to stop buying. Maybe I should just hide my card. Plus, then at least I will be able to close the door of my wardrobe. I really hope I am not the only one with a disgusting spending habit. Spending less on clothes would mean more for that savings account I call future, and I have enough clothes to last me a good few years. My plan is to reinvent some looks, work some of my new pieces with my old ones that haven’t seen the light of day in a while. The same goes for our Carolynne Editor, Alex Dale who is hoping to “rework” her existing clothes. She makes a great point in saying “it’ll help cut down my carbon footprint too as the fashion industry is responsible for a shocking amount of waste!”
On a student budget, like we all are, perhaps you find yourself dressing a little boring day in, day out. Well, a way to jazz pre-loved items up is with some accessories. Be like our Sarah McGee and plan to “accessorise more often with jewellery and scarves”. A scarf can brighten up your outfit and add some interest without taking over. Floral patterns look great against stripes, or if you fancy a bold statement, you could contrast your scarf with a black or white tee and make it the centrepiece of your outfit. Jewellery is another way to turn your outfit from good to great. Pick up a pair of statement earrings from Topshop or River Island since they’re a hot trend right now, or put on some big hoops and you’re ready to go. Pretty pieces are one thing, but edgier jewellery is the way to state you’re fashion-conscious and have your own style. I can always be found wearing at least two rings and a pair of big earrings, it just adds a touch of glamour that is unachievable without a bit of bling.

The third resolution I have is to experiment more. As a French student, I just seem to gravitate to the stereotypical Breton stripes. But this term I will endeavour not to. I probably wear stripes at least once a week, it’s practically a style habit of mine. And if I’m not wearing stripes, I’m in florals. So I’m thinking of trying my hand at metallics, and more textures. Last term saw me buy a leather skirt and it’ll go perfectly with a couple of my jumpers, and the new pieces I’ve picked up from ASOS. This season, muted tones are in a lot more than ever before, and I feel like I may dip my toe into these waters. Candy pastels are also big at the moment, and if you want more colour inspiration, read Magdalena’s article on your colour palette for this season.

Step out of your daily routine of slipping into your jeans, and try pieces of more interest. Midi skirts are a fabulous way to wear a skirt if you’re conscious of your legs, and they’ll definitely keep you warmer. Or, find your perfect mini and work it with a roll-neck jumper or a casual tee.

The best way to rework your style is by looking at what colours you wear. Try going for a week without planning any outfits, take a picture every day and see what you’re actually wearing from your wardrobe. You can share these with us on Instagram @scanfash and on Twitter @SCANFashion, we’d love to see your outfits! Use the hashtag #scanstyle and follow us!

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