The Layer Trend

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After a lot of beauty focus recently in my contributions to our lovely section, I wanted to return to the fashion side of things! I love writing about makeup because I love to play with it, and truth be told I feel a lot more confident trying out different makeup looks than different clothing looks! But this issue I wanted to bring together a few ways to pull off a trend which is simple and not intimidating at all, and that is the layer trend. This might not make any sense to you, but what I’m getting at is the recent 90’s-inspired look of wearing different little tops over t-shirts.

Look 1: Corsets over t-shirts

Kylie Jenner rocked a great layered look a few months ago when she wore a green corset over a big white t-shirt. This look is great for emphasising a waist or hourglass type body shape (whether you’re a Kylie or just a slight curve!). It might sound scary but it doesn’t have to be, if you pick your colours well. Wearing an oversized plain t-shirt in white or a pale colour keeps the look nice and low key, while your corset can either contrast, or be a few shades lighter or darker (Kim Kardarshian has also been a fan of a white t-shirt under a cream corset). High street shops or even vintage places are the place for picking up corsets. If you’re not looking for a full on Victorian revival look, Topshop do some great corset-looking tops which are a helpful cheat. They are essentially a tank top but with a tie-up front, the strings can be pulled tighter or looser to emphasise your figure and if I’m honest I think this probably how I’d wear this look! Waist cinching without any inappropriate basques on a week day. Although if you manage to find one, all power to you!

Look 2: Lace over plain tops

Recently Made In Chelsea star Tiffany Watson wore a great lace camisole on t-shirt look which can be found on her Instagram page if you’re looking for inspiration! Tiffany wore a sheer grey lace camisole over her small white t-shirt with ripped jeans out for a dinner, and I loved her 90s vibe. Here, the easiest thing to do is look for a sexy sheer top (if you’re not bothered about breaking rules, a pyjama top might even work here – who would know?), which is probably too delicate to wear by itself, but with this look completely workable. Missguided do some great little tops like this! They’re probably designed for going out, but I think re-working items for day looks like this one only makes for better value for money. Lace it up!


Taking inspiration from these two fashionistas, I hope you’re up for trying the look out! I’m planning too, and I’m going to do it with a plain black camisole over a fitted white t-shirt, probably with some washed out jeans. It’s too easy not to give it a shot!


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