Eric Ollerenshaw announced as Conservative candidate for June Election

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Eric Ollerenshaw will run for in the Lancaster and Fleetwood constituency in the upcoming General Election.

Theresa May announced last month her plans to call an election on 8 June, despite previously denying rumours that she would.

Eric Ollerenshaw, who was the Conservative MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood in 2010-2015, said of his selection as a candidate: “I am absolutely delighted to have been re-selected as the Conservative Candidate for Lancaster and Fleetwood, and am grateful to the local Party inputting their faith in me.”

Ollerenshaw was elected in 2010 with a 36.1% vote share, but in 2015 the seat went to Labour’s Cat Smith who achieved a 42.3% share of the votes. During his tenure as MP, Ollerenshaw campaigned against Alternative Vote in the 2011 Referendum, and was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Baroness Warsi.

Ollerenshaw said “I am absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to win the seat back and to be back!”

“If re-elected I will be a strong voice for Lancaster and Fleetwood in Parliament, making sure that Ministers at the heart of Government hear about, and act on, our local concerns and priorities. I will also strongly support the Prime Minister in delivering the best Brexit deal possible for the country: the country has spoken on this issue and we now need to get on, work together and make the decision work for future generations.”

“I am also looking forward to campaigning to complete the many local projects I have been involved in over the years, for instance, the Fleetwood Fish Park, Lancaster University Science Park, and a long-term solution to the Pilling and Cockerham sea defences. There is much that still needs to be done and I am keen to work with as many people as possible to finalise these and other schemes for the benefit of our area.”

In 2010, Ollerenshaw voted to raise fees to £9000 a year and in 2011 voted to scrap Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) in England.

Ollerenshaw was born and grew up in Lancashire and was educated in London. Before entering politics, he taught history.

Ollerenshaw is openly gay, and almost abandoned politics in 2010, after his partner of 36 years died from Pancreatic cancer. Since then, he has campaigned for greater awareness and care for pancreatic cancer.

He will stand against Labour’s Cat Smith, who is seeking re-election.

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