York cheer their way to victory despite serious injury

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At mid-day on Sunday, cheerleading was underway Hendrix Hall. The huge crowd waited with anticipation and you could feel the excitement and nervousness coming from the cheerleaders as they entered the room. The crowd cheered as the first performance was on the way.

Cheerleading is a highly competitive and dangerous sport and it involves the elements of jumping, stunting, dancing and gymnastics. With only two cheer-routines having been performed, there was an accident. One of the York cheerleaders fell and dislocated her shoulder. The room gasped and the routine was stopped and the audience was made to leave the room as the medics arrived. The day was paused momentarily and everyone waited outside until the event could continue.

When the competition continued, the talent from the cheerleaders amazed the audience, with both Lancaster and York were putting up a fight! The lifts and excellent, put-together routines stunned everyone and made the day wonderfully entertaining. The day ended with the last category, Pom. The routines from both sides were very strong and the audience loved every second, everyone was clapping and wooing the cheerleaders throughout each performance.

In the end, It was a clear York victory with the individual results as: Level 2 – York Hornets, Level 3 – York Hornets and Poms – York Hornets. This result gained York another four points overall.

Bobbie Dennis, a member of York Gold squad commented on the competition with “the day has been really good, for some people who are third years it’s their last competition. It’s really nice having an audience to cheer everyone on and having the support from them. It’s been a really fun day and the Lancaster routines have been good and everyone’s done really well”

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