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For this week’s Hi Society, SCAN sat down with the former Station Manager for Bailrigg FM, James Riley, to tell us more about the society and what they have to offer.

What aims does Bailrigg FM have?

We try and produce good quality radio, 24/7. We welcome everyone who wants to join the society, and provide them with opportunities to make whatever shows they want to. We have people who are interested in a variety of things, including engineering, web development, marketing, presenting and so on – we provide them with the opportunities to do those things.

What kind of shows are there?

Really there is anything you would want to listen to. If you come in to our station you can have your own show and do whatever you want. Most people just do music shows. We have a rock shows, Indie shows, home time shows, news shows, quiz shows and chat shows.

Is there any experience needed?

No experience is needed, we accept everyone in and we train you up on the equipment. Everyone starts from the same place really and then we let you go with whatever you want to do on your show.

What socials do you have?

I would like to say that we are the most social student media, which may be controversial! We have going-out socials and non-drinking socials as well. They can be once every couple of weeks. We also have big meet-ups at the end of term, we have quite a good chill-out area in our station, so we usually meet up there or go out to a couple of bars.

How would you describe Bailrigg FM to a newcomer?

Bailrigg FM is fun and you can make of it what you want really. You can come on and do your own show, we don’t take it too seriously, we are pretty casual and friendly. It’s just really fun.

What do have planned for next year?

We’re going to try and kick on from this year when we hosted Battle of the Bands.  We try and capture the live music scene at Lancaster and work with the Indie Music Society to bring you some more music events. We want to continue our sports coverage from Roses and maybe link up with Lancaster City, now thatthey have been promoted.

How can a student get involved next year?

You can come find us at freshers’ fair, and our station is always open. It is in Furness (round the back of Pizzetta) and anyone is welcome anytime. There are always people there, so you are welcome to come and meet us and join the society that way. We also have a Facebook page if you want to find us on there and drop us a message.

How much is the society fee?

It’s £7 to get join student media, which gives you membership to LA1:TV, SCAN and Bailrigg FM.

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