Lancaster’s women overcome heat to win tennis

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After a gruelling 5 hours of singles and doubles tennis, Lancaster Women’s 1st team took the win, with the final score being 6-4.

The audience couldn’t help but feel for all the players who put in a sterling effort, especially with the heat of the indoor arena, with one audience member stating “It was really exciting to watch and both teams are working really well. You can tell they’ve worked hard and that there’s a lot of skill involved.”

It was a shaky and tough start for both teams with a lot of Deuces and close games, but Lancaster came out stronger in the end.

On the first court an intense game of doubles unfolded with Jemma Cardy and Chiara Costi playing from Lancaster. The duo had ample support, with their family members standing beside their court and the Lancaster crowd cheering behind them.

Jemma told SCAN: “It was a tense start and I was nervous with everyone watching but once we got the momentum going, we won quite easily, despite the disgusting heat”.

The two girls have played together all year and Jemma added that Roses was just the “cherry on top”. There was a lot of pressure on the players after their double matches and the atmosphere was intense for women’s 1st singles.

But Lancaster seized their win with an excellent score of 6-1 in the singles games.

Towards the end of the singles matches, the crowd gathered to see the fast-paced final games before Lancaster emerged victorious with that 6-4 win overall.

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