Roses 2017: Style Lowdown


I am aware that the historic Roses competition between Lancaster and York is a sporting fight to the death, and not a fashion show… However, because I was side-hustling with some sports reporting at the weekend, I thought I could document a bit of Roses fashion, and just what kind of image Lancaster has been intimidating York with. Spoiler: Roses are red (I mean score wise they aren’t, but fashion wise there was a definite trend for wearing our colours proudly). So how did we look?

Now bearing in mind that during a weekend of lecture theatre sleepovers, most people were wearing either their designated sports gear, or super comfortable hoodies and the like. However, that didn’t stop a dedicated few from making a solid effort with spectator fashion.


It might have had something to do with their strategic inclusion in the Roses supporter packs, but red rimmed sunglasses were *the thing* to be rocking in the unexpected York sun. Actually, there was a pretty good turnout of stylish sunnies in general, from red to mirrored to even some wraparound. When you live in Lancaster, I suppose it’s hard to resist not taking your entire collection on a weekend away to actual blue sky country.


The netball girls were the main inspiration here, along with some of the other bigger sports teams. People get stick for doing matching hairstyles, but I think when you’re on a team and representing your university, it adds a bit of unity to your overall performance look. French plaits were popular, either in the usual double style or even three plaits across the head as I saw on some girls. Ribbons were a great hair accessory, tied at the ends of the braids or in some cases actually woven into them, beginning at the top before being plaited with the hair and tied at the bottom. Red ribbon on dark hair was a particularly fabulous take on this.


As mentioned in previous issues, layering is a popular trend, which Lancaster-on-tour (probably unintentionally) pulled off nicely by wearing an ‘I Am Lancaster’ t-shirt over the top of a normal one, under a jacket or cardigan. Slogan tees are also pretty on trend at the moment so well done everyone: two trends in one. Whether you meant to or not.


Denim jackets were a popular choice for throwing over the red t-shirts, making for a relaxed outfit with a little more style than any old hoody. Some of my favourite ones were embroidered denim, which is literally everywhere on the high street at the moment shown on jackets, jeans and also shirts. Floral embroidery looked especially great, and I need to give a special mention to some of the girls I saw walking around with red or white rose designs embroidered on their jackets and jeans. These are popular motifs in H&M and Topshop denim in the moment if you want to check them out yourselves!


The general round up of spectator fashion is surprisingly trend-worthy. Well done everyone!

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