Restaurant review: Kashish


An aesthetically pleasing building in a bizarre setting. The Indian restaurant Kashish, situated on Parliament Street on the outskirts of the city centre goes unnoticed by many. However after visiting once, I can assure you it will become a firm favourite.

Upon entering Kashish you are presented with a reception area littered with a few tables, doors to access the kitchen and a welcome desk, under a set of stairs. A little underwhelming is the best phase to describe the entrance, however upon being seated in the main restaurant upstairs, it leaves little room for disappointment.

Adorned with colourful lighting and eye-catching wallpaper, the décor certainly represents an extravagant culture. The seating is well arranged and the chairs comfortable enough to let you relax throughout your Indian feast.

As in most Indian restaurants poppadum’s were the first sitting. They came with a pickle tray with a selection of four different chutneys. These were at an additional charge, but totally worth it. I cannot personally comment on the starters, however the aroma they let off at the waiters carried them through the restaurant only left me with a greater desire to sample them.

The poppadum’s lead us to the main event. The choice on the menu is endless. Each sauce can be chosen alongside various meats, seafood’s or mixed vegetables. The vegetarian choice doesn’t end there. There are many exotically spiced dishes to choose from, including paneer and spinach based dishes.

The table I dined with chose an array of six different dishes alongside variously flavoured naan breads and rice’s. It’s safe to say we were not disappointed. Each dish had its own character and was served piping hot. On a small side note, these curries have considerably more heat than they used to, whether that be down to a chef or recipe change, it is unknown; but ultimately they were delicious.

Our mains left little room for dessert, but there was an interesting choice to pick from. We sat for over an hour with our drinks and didn’t feel any pressure to move on. Kashish can be recognised as a student haven as it allows you to bring your own alcohol. The restaurant also serves an array of soft drinks and delicious looking lassi’s if you don’t want to bring your own.

On a final note, aside from its delicious curries, extravagant décor and attentive staff; Kashish is a student friendly and relevantly inexpensive evening. A definite must for those wanting to add some spice into their lives.

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