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 iLancaster has a launched a new attendance system. Do you think it’s creepy that the uni is keeping tabs on our whereabouts at certain times, or do you think it’s critical to ensure that students attend all lectures and seminars?

Darcie (3rd year Politics) : I think it’s absolutely disgusting that they’re doing this. The fact is that for a lot of departments lectures aren’t compulsory… I think at this age you’re an adult when you come to university and ultimately we’re the ones paying a lot of money to be here, and with that I think comes a right to choose not to turn up if you don’t want to.

Mathew (Phd Linguistics): so it’s got a lot of benefits. So for International students we can keep tabs on where they are so they don’t overrun their Visa requirements. It’s also very good for welfare, so for students who aren’t attending lectures and seminars the departments can pick up on that a lot earlier. With that said I find it very Big Brother-y. On the one hand it’s creepy, on the other hand it’s just using technology.


Lancaster was recently made the Times Uni of the Year for 2018. What effect (if any) will this have on the Uni’s reputation?

Farrukh (2nd year ACF): I think it is going to increase the recruitment, and there are going to be more employers that want to employ students from this specific university.

Jack (4th year Physics): it’s just raising awareness, because the majority of people I speak to that have actually had any experience with Lancaster all have mostly positive things to say. But there are a lot of people you speak to who haven’t even heard of it. So I think it’s just more about getting our image out there.


What do you think of the work being done on the spine, and are there any areas you look forward to seeing when they finish?

Toby (3rd year Marketing): I think I’m most looking forward, to be honest, with being able to walk down it without the diversions. But I mean the Physics garden looks pretty good, and I think it would be good to have more green. When I first visited Lancaster I thought it was a bit of a concrete jungle. So yeah more green. It looks like it’s going to be good work.

Fatemah (2nd year Law): No, because it’s just inconvenient and it doesn’t help anything. We got fountains in front of Annexe, and I live there, and it’s like what was the point of that?


Two former Lancaster students have recently opened a bar in town. What other outlets and facilities would you like to see opened in town?

Darcie (3rd year Politics): I’d like a Nandos. In terms of the city center there is something for everyone, despite it only being small. The only problem with Lancaster is not necessarily the leisure facilities but the lack of graduate jobs after you graduate. So Lancaster isn’t a very graduate-friendly city… just because it’s so small. But we’re a good uni, so it’s okay.

Jack (4th year Physics): What I would really like is a club that has less electronic music and, you know, like in Manchester (and places like that) you get clubs that play more Indie and Rock music. Because I know a lot of people  are into stuff like that, but nothing is being provided for them.


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