Student Saver: Pendle Witch Card


This issue’s student saver is the Pendle Witch Student Card, a loyalty card offered by the pub ‘Pendle Witch’, at the top of Penny Street. At £2 for the card, you can save money on pints of cider, beer, and vodka mixers.

There are more than a handful of pubs to choose from off campus, so finding one that gives you a reason to come back is always a bonus. This card reduces the cost of a pint of Carling to £1.95, and offers a saving of between 30-40p per pint on ciders and other lagers.

The card is limited in that despite the pub offering food, wine, and spirits, the discounts are limited to a narrow selection of drinks. So if you’re looking for a new local to have a few pints at, the card may be for you, and it won’t take long to get your moneys worth, but if its shots and jagerbombs you’re after maybe not.

Overall the Pendle Witch Card is great value for money. Though the drink selection is narrow, it covers the most common drinks you’d buy in a pub, and you’d be hard pressed not to cover the £2 cost in savings within a matter of weeks.

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