Week in the Life: Sociology and Religious Studies with Philosophy

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I’m Molly, studying a joint degree of Sociology and Religious Studies, as well as minoring in Philosophy in my first year. I am from Kendal, in the Lake District, so I’m lucky that my home is only 20 minutes away. I live on campus in County College, however I do go home at weekends to spend time with my family. I absolutely love Star Wars, and have seen the original trilogy (collectively) over 50 times. So, it will come as no surprise that I was extremely excited for the Last Jedi’s release in the week I describe!

Monday, 11 December

My Mondays start off slow, as my only lecture is for Sociology and it is at 3pm, which clearly means a lie in is necessary! But today was probably the first Monday that I’ve seen before 12 o’clock.

I went to meet my boyfriend in town which was a really lovely way to start my week. We did some Christmas shopping, and had lunch at Weatherspoons. I then came back to the Uni and attended my lecture, which was about study skills, as we have our first big essay due after Christmas. It was a helpful lecture as it grounded key essay writing skills and got me excited (yep, I’m rather partial to a Sociology essay) about writing it!

Later in the day, I had a good nap, as I was tired from not partaking in my usual Monday lie in. I then made some pasta and pesto (the end of term means food is running low!) had a cheeky gin and tonic with my flatmate and went back to my room for a night of YouTube and music.

Tuesday, 12 December

Tuesday is another late starter. And today I got my lie in: I woke at 10am to get ready. My morning was slow. I watched Outnumbered and ate my usual breakfast of porridge and Soreen.

After looking at the lecture slides for my Sociology lecture, I realised it was yet another essay-writing one, which I wasn’t so thrilled about for a second day. However, it was a nice easy hour, before the brain-hurting Philosophy lecture at 4pm.

After my Philosophy lecture on the issues Mill’s utilitarianism poses, I went back to my room and  made myself some salmon and a jacket potato for tea. I then did my seminar reading for Religious Studies tomorrow, and began to plan my Religious Studies essay, which is due after Christmas. I spent the rest of my night curled up in bed watching even more Outnumbered.

Wednesday, 13 December

Wednesday began with a 10am Philosophy lecture, but luckily it was the last ever lecture on Mill, and I was rather glad to see the back of him!

After this, I had a very confusing Religious Studies seminar: the first-half centred around Buddhist ethics in the case study of euthanasia, and the latter-half was about how the Bodhisattva differs from an arhat. It was a bit crazy.

Later, I met my dad in town. I got to choose some of my Christmas presents and we then went to Bella Italia for a pizza. It was delicious! I finished my Wednesday doing Sociology reading and watching – you guessed it – Outnumbered. This week has taught me that I can watch an entire series of a show extremely quickly, which is a new talent I’m not sure I should be proud of.

Thursday, 14 December

Longing for Week 10 to come to an end, and with the thought of essay-writing over Christmas hanging over me, I felt today that I should be productive. My 9am Sociology seminar was tough, due to the fact it was just so early (well, for me) as well as dull. Again, it was focusing on study skills.

After this, I had a good few hours at my disposal so decided to organise and pack some of my things away for going home on Saturday. Then, I had a two-hour Religious Studies lecture. It was rather a slog, however I loved the topic as it was on contemporary Buddhism.

Back in my flat, I made a cod fillet and some rice, and then spontaneously decided to hit the town with a few of my friends. It was an extremely fun night: a great way to end the term. We got back around 3am, after having had a fair few more than too many!

Friday, 15 December

After last night, my Friday was a bit of a write-off. I slept through my alarm and missed my Philosophy seminar, which I was gutted about as it was the last one of the term and I really enjoy them.

So, I decided, with a rather sore head, to get back to sleep. I then awoke, and was absolutely starving. Everyone in my flat had gone home already, apart from one of my good friends. So, he sat with me and agonisingly watched me place various freezer items in the oven. I had a feast of Linda McCartney sausages and sausage rolls and lentil burgers. They certainly helped the hangover.

My day began to improve later, as it was the big day: STAR WARS day!!! It was brilliant. I loved seeing my best friend and his girlfriend too. A hungover Friday ended up being a lovely Friday!

Saturday, 16 December

I went home today!

I was so happy that term had come to an end. Not that my first term at Lancaster was awful, quite the opposite, but after a write-off of a week, and the stressful weeks beforehand, the idea of not having to think about university for a few weeks was blissful!

I basically moved half of my stuff into my boyfriend’s house. It was quite fun. Then I went to my mum’s and put up Christmas decorations: Mother had kindly waited for my arrival. I then spent the night at my boyfriend’s: chilling, watching films and feeling extremely relaxed and grateful for the Christmas holidays.

Sunday, 17 December

Today I didn’t do an awful lot. It is Sunday after all! I woke and took my boyfriend’s dog for a walk in the rain which wasn’t too fun. I then went back to my mum’s where I had lunch (various kinds of McCartney items) and watched a lot of Christmas cooking programmes. I then went to my grandmother’s place to bake some cookies and flapjacks.

So that’s a week in my life. I hope you all have a great Christmas!

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