Meet the Baking Society

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What is the society’s purpose?

The purpose of the society is to come together each week for about an hour and bake and have a relaxing Saturday.

When are the society’s meetings and what typically happens?

We meet every Saturday between 11-2pm in Fylde Common Room (opposite the bar). Each bake takes roughly one hour, and you can pick which hour slot you would like to attend when you sign-up. A membership fee is £5 and then it’s £2 per bake, to cover the cost of all the ingredients and equipment. All we say is bring a box to bring everything home in!

What socials does the society offer?

We offer a range of socials throughout each term, ranging from our annual Café Crawl to afternoon tea. We recently held a screening for the GBBO which was fun! We also have collaborations with other societies.

Do you have a favourite memory with the society?

There are many iconic memories which I’ve made during my time with the Baking Society, one of which involves making long-lasting friends, and another involves going on the Café Crawl in my first year and finding all these little independent cafes. It was great as it allowed me to familiarise myself with the town centre. Being part of the Exec for the past two years of the society has been a highlight of my time, too, as this has allowed me to pursue a hobby which I’m passionate about during my time at university.

Why is baking an important skill to learn?

Baking is a great hobby and skill to learn as it not only helps your day-to-day cooking abilities, but it allows you to create goods which you can share with your friends, families or flatmates. It’s a very enjoyable skill and there are thousands of recipes to try out!

How does someone become a new member?

You can become a member of the society at any time throughout the year! You can either join through the Union Cloud by LUSU and pay the £5 membership online, or alternatively, you could pay in cash at one of our bakes. If you follow us on Facebook – Lancaster University Baking Society – you’ll be able to follow all our updates and be able to sign up for the bakes.

Are beginners to baking welcome and what can they expect to learn? How do you expect this society to progress in future years?

We welcome everyone with all abilities, from those who are beginners to those who are more experienced! We have a great mix in the society and everyone can learn and share experiences with each another. We host a range of bakes throughout the term from pastry to cakes to biscuits, as well as some savoury bakes too so there is a lot of variation in the skills which you can learn and improve. We are happy to take on any suggestions if you would like us to bake anything else.

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