10 new songs you might have missed over Easter

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Easter can be a busy time for a university student, full of chocolate, family gatherings and revision. This means it can be hard to keep abreast of all of the great music that has been released recently. Here’s our top 10 tracks that you might have missed over the Easter break:

ZAYN – Let Me

This new single is a step away from ZAYN’s solo debut because it lacks the overtly provocative bassline, pointing to a possible increase in his emotional maturity. Lyrically, there are still sexual references, but the general feeling of the song is his readiness for commitment. The use of an acoustic guitar allows (arguably) the strongest vocals from One Direction to shine, with a catchy melody to support them.


Florence + The Machine – Sky Full of Song

Florence ends her long absence from the charts with this haunting, emotive number that’s reminiscent of Kate Bush. There’s hardly any backing beyond the occasional layered harmony and a few strings, allowing for a showcase of undoubtedly the best thing about Florence: her incredible voice.


Calvin Harris (feat. Dua Lipa) – One Kiss

Two of the UK’s most successful artists in recent history have come together to make this absolute banger that is the epitome of summer. Dua’s effortless vocals fit perfectly with the relaxed beat to make an earworm that just won’t let up.


Sigrid – High Five

Sigrid returns to the sound that made her one of the breakout stars of 2017. High Five has more intensity than her recent singles and sounds more like the Sigrid that we know and love, with the powerful build-up to the chorus showing her incredible vocal range.


Thirty Seconds To Mars – Rescue Me

Jared Leto has returned to the band after a few years out in Hollywood to release ‘Rescue Me’ as the first single from their new album America. Thirty Seconds To Mars seem to be one of the few rock bands to have maintained their identity and sound after becoming popular.


CHVRCHES – Miracle

The pitch of Lauren Mayberry’s vocals has always worked well with CHVRCHES’ synth-pop tracks, but this darker turn (unexpectedly) suits her perfectly. Her childlike tone provides a stark contrast to the lyrics and the heavy, drum-driven backing track. Few songs have an evolution akin to this: the slow and soft beginning offers no hint to the anthemic build-up that will no doubt have you shaking your head to the beat.


Peace – You Don’t Walk Away From Love

You Don’t Walk Away From Love continues the band’s evolution away from their early days of indie cliché towards a more reserved approach, and it seems to be working! The added maturity in the performance and production of their songs allows their song-writing to take centre stage, and they may just be becoming a force to be reckoned with on the alternative scene.


Youngr – Drive

This track layers sounds brilliantly to maintain the upbeat, relaxed vibes prevalent in all of Youngr’s music, but the added complexity of the rhythm sets Drive apart from his earlier singles. The interaction of the vocals and the melody creates a flowing wave of noise that would sound right at home on a sunny day in a beer garden.


Frank Turner – Make America Great Again

This politically-charged pop-rock protest song goes beyond poking fun at Donald Trump’s election to highlight the lack of compassion among American citizens and the empowerment that actions of racism and hate are now being given. This is more than merely a song, but a real statement against the current American administration by an outsider – it just so helps that it’s catchy and well-written.


The Aces – Last One

I like to think of these girls as a baby Haim – not just because it’s another all-girl band – but because the sound is very similar too. This is in no way a criticism, Last One has been one of my most-listened-to songs of the last few weeks. The alt-pop melody is led brilliantly by the vocals, which tell a story of defiance and self-confidence.

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