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What sport are you excited to see at Roses?

Jenna, 2nd year Law: Probably the football because I’ve got friends from York Uni that are coming up and I’m going to go along and support them but also support friends from the Lancaster team as well.

Kiran, 3rd year Marketing: Rugby, I guess, because it’s the only sport I saw last time and I think it’s the biggest event.

Riya, 3rd year Business Studies: Rugby. Definitely Rugby, and then after that rowing. These two are my favourites.


What do you think of the Grad Ball controversy?

Jenna: I think it’s a bit ridiculous, it’s the end of the three years, and we spend so much money at university anyway. You see all this money being spent on the Spine and that ridiculous TV over there and I just think the fact that they’ve decided to put it in the Great Hall when there’s so many diversions on campus anyway is pointless. They should have just done it away from campus.

Chloe, 3rd year English Literature: I’ve not been involved in it really, I’m just going to follow what my friends do. As long as I’m with my friends it doesn’t really matter where we are.

Riya: I think it is absolute rubbish, because fifty quid we’re paying for the ticket, there’s no food included, there’s no proper act or anything. Last year people went to Blackpool, they had the opportunity to see a whole circus show, the whole event of dressing up, going to a huge hall, enjoying yourself, taking pictures… here it’s just the great hall and it’s so much smaller than what they had last year. We have to pay the same price but everything is just lesser. It’s changed my mind about going to Grad Ball.

Ari, 2nd year Marketing & Advertising: I think it’s not really that big of a deal to be honest, our grad ball for college was in a similar place and it’s not about the venue it’s about the people.

Kiran, 2nd year Politics: It’s stupid because it should be a night to remember and if it’s in the Great Hall nobody’s going to remember.


Do you think the university is offering enough support to students during the stressful exam period?

Chloe: I think in my department there is but that might be because we don’t have a lot of exams so there’s more time to give to the students. But yeah I’ve heard a lot of stories from people who haven’t gotten the support they need.

Jenna: I know that you can fill in a form and if you’re having issues like if they think they’re that serious you can get support from counsellors and things like that. But I think there needs to be more because not everybody’s comfortable enough to approach that service or are aware that you can fill in a form to get support, so I feel like more could be done to advertise that.

Jack, 2nd year Chemical Engineering: All the support I’ve needed has been there to be fair, the lecturers are always happy to answer any questions and there’s been a couple of revision sessions

Kiran (3rd year): Definitely not, I have some reservations about the mental health support here. I went through something personally and I did not get enough support and I think that applies to exam support too.

Kiran and Chloe


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