Fencing – Women’s 1sts

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Lancaster 131 – 84 York

Lancaster had given a very solid performance in BUCS this season. York just missed promotion in the 2A and Lancaster won the 1A to reach the premiership playoffs. A weapon order of sabre, foil and then epee was chosen. Lancaster’s sabre team was quite strong this year and they dominated York from the start. Lancaster won 45-17, an incredible start for the team.

In foil Lancaster didn’t perform as well at the start but they pulled it back towards the later half, beating York by a respectable 13 points. This left York a very poor position for epee. Lancaster only needed to score 4 points to make a catch up impossible. In the first fight, Anna Hills (Women’s Captain) scored the winning hit against York. York performed admirably and won the epee 45-41 but it was too little to change the result.

A solid win from the Lancaster Fencing Women’s team. A good performance from York’s epee team but it just wasn’t enough to get them the victory.

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