Netball: College League B Winners

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Lancaster 31 – 29 York

Friday lunchtime at Roses 2018 saw the temperature rising, bringing out the crowds in the sun and the Netball team’s competitive spirit. This match moved so quickly that it was difficult to keep track of each point, but this kept fast-moving and entertaining for the gathering crowds up by the Netball Courts.


The match was one of pushes and pulls, the minute one side was in the lead, the other soon pushed back to catch up and overtake, making the match not only tense but thought to call throughout. Within the first 5 minutes, with both teams scoring, Lancaster pulled ahead in the first quarter. But towards halftime, York had begun to catch up, making the playing field even and leaving both teams in the running for this title. But after a short break, Lancaster came back fighting, and while York stayed close behind, they didn’t quite manage to keep up.


Lancaster just caught this victory at 31-29, a close call in netball scores and compared to other matches these two teams were very evenly matched. As the game drew to an end, that small patch of grey cloud that had been covering the field lifted, leaving Lancaster to enjoy the sun as well as their thrilling win.

Ruth-Anne Walbank

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