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Lancaster 75 – 25 York

Traditionally the 1st have dominated Roses, with a winning streak spanning from 2008. Captain Becky Griffin starred in the Roses 2018 promotional video, and if you’ve seen any of their Instagram posts, the girls have been working hard non-stop with extra training.

The Lancaster 1st team were pipped to the top spot in the BUCS Northern 2A League, losing out on a miniscule 15 goal difference. They also made it to the Northern Conference Cup Semi Finals. After a successful year riddled with just missing out, the Lancaster 1st were not prepared to continue the trend into Roses.

They delivered. They not only won but end with the greatest win for Netball in the history of Roses (of recorded data).

Lancaster’s game really took off in the second quarter, with fantastic feeds into the circle from Becky Griffin and Dara Hughes, sometimes from the centre third with ease, helped the shooters increase the lead. York couldn’t get their game together, and despite a few sloppy overheads from Lancaster, York failed to make the most of them. The second quarter ended 39-12 to Lancaster.

With no hope of York clawing back for the win, their heads went down slightly and Lancaster capitalised on the home crowds. The last home Roses saw a momentous 51 – 16 win for Lancaster and at York last year they made it to 57 goals. They showed no signs of mercy and continued to push York all the way to gain a 57 – 14 lead in the third quarter.

A solid centre court, aided by Abbie Murphy and Fran Fearnley throughout the last three quarters, really made the difference in the last fifteen minutes. They rarely let the ball get down to Lancaster’s defence and aided the shooters in putting up another 18 goals.

The final score ended 75-25 to Lancaster, a phenomenal goal difference that well and truly wiped the smiles from the York supporters. There’s no doubt that such a significant win helped inspire the College Select, 2nd and 3rd team that were still left to play, securing that all important red wash LUNC hoped for.

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