6 Essential Websites For Students

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Increasingly these days, getting the most out of your university experience means making more notes, bagging more deals, and going on more nights out. Living up to such expectations can be overwhelming. These six essential websites and apps help to take the pressure off and give you some handy tools to glide through your first year at Lancaster.

  1. iLancaster

This is the most essential app, of course. Hand-crafted for Lancaster University students, this app provides an academic and exam timetable, a transport hub, and even a button to press when your oven stops working.

iLancaster is the main way students’ check-in to lectures and seminars. So, avoid attendance emails from your head of subject by downloading the app.

  1. SuperNote

This app is perfect for anyone who loves everything being in one place. It’s also perfect for those lectures where you are expected to write notes at break-neck speed. Gone are the days of relying on illegible scribbling. This app allows you to record lectures (with permission of course), take photographs, and write colour coded notes. If that isn’t enough to sway you, SuperNote also allows you to send your notes and recordings straight to your laptop.

  1. Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Sleep is in short supply at university, especially if you are an international student that must also deal with the effects of jet-lag. This app lets you create your own melodies. Choose from a selection of sleep-inducing sounds such as ‘Urban Rain’, ‘Storm’, ‘Thunder’, ‘Piano’ etc, to create the ideal melody

to send you off to sleep. This app becomes a life saver when your flatmates are banging pots in the kitchen at one in the morning.

  1. Indeed

Part-time work is the perfect way to bridge the gap between your maintenance loan and your high- flying lifestyle. Because Lancaster is largely a student-based town, there are lots of opportunities for flexible part-time work that won’t take up your whole week.

‘Indeed’ is the perfect website to find part-time work, with an easy to use filter system and an option to increase your search radius for more opportunities, depending on how far you want to travel.

  1. Savethestudent

Started by Owen Burek in his first year at university, this website gets to the heart of what it means to be a student. Visit this site for money-making tips, advice on how to survive freshers’ week and the latest freebies found around the web.

If you focus on making and saving money, you can’t go wrong. This website is the perfect jumping off point for first-years that need a helping hand in managing their finances.

  1. Studenteats

This website is ideal for anyone coming to Lancaster who doesn’t know how to crack an egg. With a whole section dedicated to microwave meals, this website really understands what it is to be a student.

Personal favourites include the recipe for pizza nachos and the five-ingredient quesadillas. Quick and cheap is the main focus of this website, which, more often than not, fits in perfectly with student lifestyle.

The leap from living with family to living independently is daunting: but with these six apps and websites you can take the edge off the easy problems, like how to boil an egg.

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