Sunshine In The Rain

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Autumn and Winter can be gloomy seasons when it’s getting dark and cold outside. Luckily, there are plenty of things to do in the winter months to keep you occupied in the second half of term.

Head for the Forest

There’s nothing nicer than an autumnal walk on a frosty morning. The colours around Lancaster and Morecambe are beautiful and golden, making them perfect for the Instagram feed and a welcome break from studies and work. The best places to visit include Williamson Park, where you can walk in the woodland and visit the famous Ashton Memorial. Even closer to home, why not go for a wander on the Woodland trail round campus? With it being so close, you can even take a 10-minute break in-between lectures to get that little bit closer to nature. Or, if you fancy heading a bit further afield, then try Leighton Moss, the local RSBP reserve which is a wonderful quiet location out in Silverdale. Not only can you spend some time away from your laptop, but you can also observe some local wildlife and head to the cafe afterwards for some tea and cake.

Local Festivals and Markets

Not only are local festivals, events, and markets great opportunities to find gifts for your friends and family back home, but they are also a great way to get involved in the local community and to do something different with your weekends.

There is nearly always something going on in Lancaster, whether it’s our normal weekly markets in the town, or a bigger festival like Light Up Lancaster at the start of November. There’s the Victorian Christmas Festival in the nearby market town of Garstang in the first week of December, or Lancaster On Ice where Dalton Square will be turned into an ice rink for the whole of December. Black Friday is just around the corner and that means Christmas Late Night shopping in the town centre as well. Lancaster Brewery will be holding their usual Christmas markets, and there is the annual arts exhibition in the Ashton Memorial in Williamson Park at the end of the month. With always plenty going on, you never know what you might find in Lancaster.

Take a Break; Eat Some Cake  

We’re lucky enough in Lancaster to have an amazing range of coffee shops and cafes. These are perfect to go and relax in, change up your work environment, or simply shelter from that charming northern rain for an afternoon. There’s Atkinson’s The Hall and Music Room, which use their very own roasted coffee to give an amazing range of beverages for a rainy day. Newer editions to the Lancaster collection include The Herbarium and Journey Social, both of which are Vegan and dog-friendly, offering a charming place to relax. On top of those, there’s Alex, Damn Good Coffee Shop, Printroom, plus more – and the best part is you can visit all of these places knowing that you are supporting local independent businesses. So, go eat some cake, for the local community and, of course, for yourself.

Image by @dannoble13 via Instagram

Go Further Afield…

Lancaster, as established above, is a great place. However, it’s not the only great place the North West has to offer. Have you been to the Forest of Bowland? The Lake District? Have you seen the Blackpool Illuminations? There are so many things to do around and about Lancaster, despite the wind and rain and cold. Your best bet is to start exploring and see what you find along the way.

Ruth-Anne Walbank

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