Spotlight On Societies: Art Society

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For this spotlight article I am focusing on Art Society and am interviewing: the President Seline Duzenli, the Publicity Officer Binuka Gurung and the Secretary Evan Morris.

Have you got a favourite painting?
My favourite painting is Black Iris by Georgia O’keeffe because it is very muted and has a sense of calm.
Seline: By favourite painting is Nicki Pilkington’s Rabbit Sundae. This artist only creates bright and summery art, no matter what time of year it is. I have been a fan of hers since before my GCSEs, and I have been using her as an inspiration for everything I’ve done since.
Binuka: I’m not that into portraiture, I’m more into landscapes. I like Claude Monet’s The Water-Lily Pod because there’s a lot going on. I like the light coming through. I did fine art at A level, which is why we I haven’t looked at contemporary stuff that much but I do want to get into more contemporary work.

How much does is cost to attend Art society meetings?
£1.50 a session or £6 for the term.

When and where are the meetings?
They are every Tuesday 6-8 at Fylde Lecture Theatre 2.

What goes on at an Art Society meeting?
Art society is a hub of creativity.
Seline: It’s a break from uni stress. People drop off towards the end of term because they do too much work and stop taking breaks.
Binuka: In Art Society we just focus on painting. We have themed sessions.

Do you have to be an expert to join Art society?
Not in anyway. No one on the exec is an art student.

What has your favourite theme been so far?
I like comics even though I wasn’t there!
Evan: I like the themes that are a media: acrylic, watercolours. If I’m not told what to use, I’ll do everything in pencil.
Seline: I liked canvas week!

What themes are there going to be in term two?
We’ve got a few provisional themes in mind.
Evan: We’ve been listening to the people who come to Art Society and we think they would prefer more specific themes, like comic book week.
Binuka: I think we’re looking into doing clay week, because that did really well last time!Evan: We also want to do a fantasy week.
Seline: We have a meeting on Wednesday where we will finalise all the details for next term.

Old Man, acrylic painting by Kaydi Menary

Do you have many socials? (What have the socials been in the last term and do you have any plans for future socials?)
This term we’ve had a lot of socials. We’ve had three this year: the body paint social, Christmas dinner, and the drink and draw social. The drink and draw social was just people getting cocktails and drawing on a big piece of paper.
Binuka: Maybe karaoke night next term. And maybe a trip to an art gallery. In third term we’re thinking of going to the beach and taking easels.
Evan: Potentially the lake district.
Seline: Art society only used to run the first two terms, but this year we want to run it into third term.

What has been your favourite piece created during Art Society?
Old man by Kaydi. She’s on the exec but she also comes and draws!

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