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Whether you are feeling home sick, looking to save some money, or are wondering how to stay warm in this cold climate, this is the perfect article for you. Sometimes, the stress of juggling coursework, socialising, and family life can be a bit overwhelming. With these six student must-haves you can become more efficient, save yourself some pocket money, and make relaxing that little bit easier.

16-24 Railcard

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The 16-24 Railcard is perfect for anyone who wants the ability to travel home when they are feeling a bit flighty. Because it knocks a whopping 1/3 off your ticket, this student must-have can take at least some of the stress away from your commute. Although this is ideal for students who live further afield, if you pick the three-year option it pays for itself at just £70. Alternatively, opt for the one-year Railcard for £30. You can renew it every year for just £20.


Power Bank

My power bank has saved my life more than once in a two-hour seminar. They are also great for making sure you do not lose your mates on a night out, and ensuring your battery is not dead when it is time to order an uber. I recommend the Juicy Squash XL Portable Power Bank (in pink) which is available on Amazon. At £19.94 this power bank is a bit pricey, but it more than pays for itself by offering two full charges.

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Electric Blanket

After a long day of procrastinating there is nothing I love more than getting into a warm bed. In the harrowing winter months, an electric blanket is a must-have for preserving your sanity. Say goodbye to nights spent curled up in a ball shivering yourself to sleep – these blankets can be found for under £25 on Amazon.
An electric blanket is ideal for first-year students, who have the luxury of their electricity bill being included in their rent. The Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket is just £16.49 on Amazon and, for any second-year students who are not worried about facing the wrath of their landlord, the double is just £21.49!


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With the tech giant that is iLancaster looming large over university life, it is nice to get back to basics. After spending the whole day staring at my laptop screen the last thing I want to do is use Google Calendar to schedule meetings. I like the A6 Water Colour Garden diary from Paperchase, because the compact size means that I am not lugging another massive textbook round, and at the sale price of £3 it is a good choice for anyone’s budget.




Noise-cancelling Headphones

By far the most expensive product on this list, the TaoTronics noise cancelling headphones come in at £59.99 on Amazon. If you have problems with flatmates singing in the shower or the flat being too rowdy during pre-drinks, these noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones are a sound investment. Along with being able to study in peace, this product has a 25-hour battery life.

Toastie Maker

Hear me out: sometimes you get home from lectures and just fancy a toastie. £9.99 from Argos. Enough said.

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