Cheap and Cheerful Last-Minute Holidays

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One of the biggest struggles of being a student is having the urge to travel the world, but lacking the budget to support it. If this is the case for you, keep reading to find a few destinations that’ll accommodate your student-sized wallet this Easter.


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This is probably the most obvious. Spain has always been mine and my friends go-to cheap holiday, and for good reason! It’s got all sorts of resorts, sandy beaches and drinks with alcohol proportions so generous, some say its attempted murder. (Seriously, a single vodka and lemonade is about equal parts wherever you go…) What more could students want! For those of you who aren’t keen on your alcohol, you’ll be relieved to know that bottles of water only cost around £0.40! This Easter, central areas of Spain such as Barcelona will reach temperatures as high as 21 degrees, so remember your sunnies and look forward to your tan!


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This one might surprise a few of you, and granted, maybe the flights aren’t as cheap as some other destinations, but once you’re there, the accommodation and living cost in Bulgaria is delightfully low. Imagine this; you’re sat on a picturesque, white sand beach with a glass of wine… which only costs £1.19! That’s less than a portion of curly fries from Sultans. (I know which I’d rather!) Whilst it might not be warm enough to take a dip in the sea, Bulgaria temperatures usually climb to around 16 degrees in April, which is still warmer than the UK average! If you fancy an exotic, out of the ordinary holiday, then this is your best bet. It’s cheap, cheerful, and not the most everyday of places. It’ll satisfy even the pickiest traveller’s wanderlust.


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I can guarantee at least half of you have seen a group of girls on Instagram venture here, and post about it relentlessly. It’s a pretty common destination for big groups of young adults. Sun, sea, sangria and a decent nightlife, all for such a small cost! If you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort to relax and escape the responsibilities of uni for a week or so… Tenerife is the place to be. The large amounts of resorts available and the renowned popularity with young people means you’ll likely mix with lots of people your own age, with the added benefit of there being plenty of travel agents familiar in co-ordinating boozy, student getaways. Holidays here can be found for around £300 all-inclusive for 5 days, and with highs of 22 degrees, who wouldn’t want to explore Tenerife!


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Now, if croissants, wine and fancy cheese sounds more your style, hop over to our neighbours France for a budget-friendly get away in 17-degree sun. This is ideal for couples wanting five-star romance that students thought they could only dream about. For only £41.19, (aka the equivalent to an over-the-top night in the sugarhouse) lovers can enjoy a stunning Eiffel Tower visit with a Picnic-Style lunch, Champagne and a beautiful Trocadero view. If this doesn’t sound like the ideal date, then you clearly haven’t seen enough rom-coms.

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