Futsal Men’s Match Report Roses 2019


Lancaster 6 – 4 York

The men’s futsal team won by 2 goals on Friday, gaining 4 points for Lancaster. This victory can be attributed, in part, to Lancaster’s strong goalkeeper who managed to fend of several challenging goals, particularly in the second half.

The first half saw a York player suffer a minor injury, but it was not dramatic. Lancaster managed to score the first two goals of the game. There were several very clean shots from Lancaster throughout and half time put Lancaster in the lead with a score of 4-2.

Second half didn’t start of as strongly, with York catching up Lancaster at 4-4. York and Lancaster proved to be worthy opponents in this match with the scores being tied until the last 10 minutes of the game when Lancaster scored 2 goals in succession. This is a first Roses victory for the Lancaster futsal team, which they should be very proud of.

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