Hockey (Men’s 2nd Indoor) Match Report Roses 2019

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Lancaster 3 – 3 York

Kick off began at 10:15 for Men’s 2nd Hockey, and both sides were ready and raring to go. Whites were huddled in intense team talks while Reds acquainted themselves with the York indoor pitch. The mood was good, and the crowd were invested from the get go.

Despite the frequent Lancaster possession in the first quarter, York pulled the first goal. Their swift movements and tactical stick manoeuvres managed to outmatch the Lancaster team. After the initial goal, the possession of the ball was fairly equal, flitting back and forth between the two sides with alarming consistency. This toing and froing culminated in a penalty corner from York where a goal was scored and disallowed after a York foul. Lancaster thus took the ball from them and scored as a result.

The sides were unreasonably well-matched. Despite a penalty corner for Lancaster leading to York possession, this swiftly turned back around: the ball moving between the teams like a particularly indecisive double agent. Lancaster grab a penalty corner after some suspect stick work from York and tries for a goal but misses. A green card is awarded to a Lancaster player, who is sent off for two minutes. After a penalty flick, York scores.

In the second half, York attempted a goal but it was saved by the skin of the Lancaster goalkeeper’s teeth. After a York penalty corner, Lancaster were denied a goal after a foul, but went on to score just minutes later after a corner of their own. York take ownership of the ball, but this is quickly stolen by Lancaster who score. After a succession of near misses from both sides, York equalises with some quick team work and smart play. The game finishes as a draw, 3-3.

I talked to players from both teams after the match. The Lancaster side was clearly pleased with the result. As player, Mansfield, states: ‘[we were] down by 4 men (subs) from the beginning, Lancaster were up for tough fight. The boys fought with blood sweat and tears to obtain a valuable draw from Men’s Indoor B’. York were also satisfied with their performance, with Tendai, a York player, adding ‘it was a very equally balanced game, it went right to the wire. Real good stuff’.

Well done to all the players of Men’s 2nd Hockey, a good result for both teams!

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