Table Tennis Mixed 1st and 2nd Match Report Roses 2019

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Table tennis might be a lesser-known sport, but it is a fast and competitive game that requires a considerable amount of concentration and energy to maintain. In this tournament, both leagues played 17 games each, with the first team reaching nine total wins the one to claim the title.

In the Mixed 2nd’s league, the game was evenly matched, twin the opening scorings coming in at 1:1 to both teams. However, York quickly gained their early lead, winning two matches before Lancaster could win another, bringing the score to 4:2. From there, York continued to dominate, winning another five matches to claim the title. After the teams played all 17 games, the final score clocked in at 15:2 to York.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the Mixed 1st’s league was even more so. From the start, York dominated the league, winning four matches in the first half hour with Lancaster only winning one. Once York had won 5 matches, Lancaster briefly attempted to make a comeback, winning another game and bringing the score to 5:2. Despite this, York continued to hold and increase their lead, gaining the points they needed 12 matches in. The final score came in at 14:3 to York, securing their second victory of the tournament.

Ruth-Anne Walbank

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