Ultimate Frisbee (Men’s Indoor) Match Report Roses 2019

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Early in the Roses weekend, Lancaster was off to a slow start and five minutes into the opening Ultimate Frisbee match they were down 2:0. With such short matches, they needed to come back quickly, and despite their best efforts with the score mid-game clocking in at 3:2 to York, the home team held their early lead until the end. The final score gave York an immediate advantage in the competition, ending on 4:2.

Following the success of the match, I caught up with Angelo from the winning team: ‘We’re delighted with the win, and Lancaster came with a really competitive game for us. They played really well, playing their deep shots which were working for them early on. However, we managed to take some of them down, working through their defence. Our offensive was really slick and quick today, despite the slippery floor, so we were able to make our throws and get through it as a team. Today was the first time we’ve played like that, and we’re really happy with the outcome.’

The sport might be a lesser known one in the competition, but its energy from the players and enthusiasm from the supporters makes it an exciting game well worth watching.

Ruth-Anne Walbank

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