Lush Solid Shampoo and Conditioner: Lovely or Lifeless?

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Does the eco-friendly brand deliver results with their range of solid haircare products?

Lush is known for being one of the most eco-conscious mainstream brands in the country and are pushing that even harder with their new ‘Naked’ range of products. These include solid body wash, soaps, and shampoos, with no plastic in sight. As my current shampoo and conditioner ran out, I decided to try the solid shampoo and conditioner bars, to see if I could crackdown on the amount of plastic I used and still have nice smelling hair. The Lush website says that each shampoo bar is the equivalent of 3 250ml bottles of regular shampoo, and because I only wash my hair about once a week (dry shampoo regularly saves my life), one bar should last me for a good long while. They also go on to explain that packaging can take up a large chunk of the budget for product, and cutting it out is not only great for the planet, but for the product as well, as more can be spent on the ingredients.

I went to the biggest Lush store in the world in Liverpool to pick mine up and spent a very long time sniffing each one to see which one took my fancy. Like regular shampoo, they have different ones for different hair types, such as Seanik for shine and volume, and Honey I Washed My Hair, for softness. Either Seanik or Montalbano tempted me, but the bright lemon scent of Montalbano swayed me. As for the conditioner, I immediately grabbed Big, which promised to add volume, but if I were still a blonde, I would have opted for Sugar Daddy-O, the purple conditioner that chases brassy tones from blonde hair.

The next day, I couldn’t wait to try them both. The shampoo smelled incredible and was easy to lather up between my hands and left my hair feeling nicer than my old shampoo did. However, the conditioner proved more of a challenge. I couldn’t work up a lather, so I followed the instructions on my printed label and simply rubbed it over my hair. Still, it didn’t feel like I had any conditioner on at all. I usually leave my conditioner to rest for a while, so I did a face mask and came back about 15 minutes later to rinse it out.

I might not have felt like I had any conditioner on, but my hair told me otherwise. After I left it to air dry, it started to feel incredibly soft and floaty, and as Big had promised, had given me more volume than my poor thin hair was used to. It smelled incredible, and I couldn’t stop smelling it! My old shampoo was the Strawberry Clearly Glossing shampoo and conditioner from the Body Shop, and I thought that smelled amazing, but this is in a league of its own.

Something else amazing I noticed was when I was at work. I work in a waterpark, so I’m continually getting splashed with chlorinated water, which usually dries my hair out and makes it coarse and dry. But with this shampoo and conditioner, my hair survived testing six waterslides and an 8-hour shift, yet stayed soft and smelling great. I seriously want to know what witchcraft they make this stuff with.

More people need to know about these little bars of magic. Not only do they cut down on plastic waste, but they are also amazing for travelling, cut down on carbon emissions used for transport, and work like a dream. Plus, considering how long they last, they end up saving you money in the long run. In a world where we need to start being more eco-conscious, what better way to start by investing in similarly eco-conscious brands and having amazing hair while doing it?

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