Re:Set Spa: A New Kind of Mindfulness

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Re:Set Spa is an up and coming wellness centre in Lancaster that intends to expand its student market. It hosts affordable treatments, infrared saunas £15, salt room treatments for £12.50 and floatation pod treatments at £35 to help students relax in the face of stressful university life. Now, I don’t know about you, but spas are not a necessity that I often associate with the student budget. However, Re:Set invited us down to try their new flotation pods so that they could change our minds.

Lara: I have to say, when you approached me to say that we were going to a spa, this was not entirely what I expected. I should be used to your shenanigans by now.

Ruth: You should be, but alas. We are here to find out the benefits of floating in a tank filled with salt water and mood lighting.

Lara: Ah, my regular Thursday you say?

Ruth: Precisely. It’s said these floatation pods have both physical and mental benefits, including:

  • Speeding up rehabilitation and recovery 
  • Relieving pain, especially for migraines, injuries and arthritis 
  • Reducing blood pressure 
  • Creating mental clarity and alertness
  • Deepening meditative states
  • Helping with stress-related disorders such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression

Lara: Well, I certainly need mental clarity and alertness, and even without SCAN, your blood pressure is through the roof! We’ll pop inside and report back to you when we’re out. See you on the other side!

*One hour later*

Ruth: I’m certainly damper, how do you feel?

Lara: Like a slightly uncoordinated walrus – but in a good way.

Ruth: I feel calmer, being able to switch off from my phone for 45 minutes has done me some good.

Lara: Don’t check your phone just yet. I know what your emails are like. You’re right though. I was sceptical going in (being told to take my clothes off and get in a giant pod seems more X-Files than the Blue Lagoon), however, I have to note, I do feel pretty chilled out. I also have a couple of good creative writing ideas… floating around. Ay, ay?

Ruth: Clearly spending time with nothing but your own thoughts hasn’t done anything for your humour. 

Lara: Getting a bit… salty there eh, Ruth?

Ruth: Still no… I agree though, I was sceptical, and it took me a while to get into it. At first the feeling of floating is strange, but once the music stops and you’re on your own, you can start to relax. 

Lara: Indeed. It’s an odd experience, but one I’m glad I’ve had. Not to mention that my hair feels super nice now. Not sure that’s one of the detailed health benefits, but an added bonus.

Ruth: One piece of advice I would give for people wanting to give this a go, wear the earplugs provided. We didn’t take this advice, and it led to water-filled ears.

Lara: Yes, despite it being our first try, we got cocky and paid the squelchy and wildly irritating price for it. However, all in all, a fun and interesting experience. I’m not generally a spa kind of girl, but this was pretty funky. I’m also tempted to come back for 40 minutes or so in that sauna.

Ruth: I too am not usually a fan of spas, but with the health benefits of the treatment and the overall fun of the experience I would recommend. It’s a different sort of mindfulness experience that’s stayed with me

For more information about Re:Set, it’s treatments and how they work, head to 

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