Hidden TV Show Gems: Spooky Season Edition

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Just like many people who plan an advent calendar of Christmas movies to build up momentum for the big day, I also believe Halloween deserves a similar list too. Netflix has many TV shows that await our attention. From the most recent releases to the biggest blasts from the past, here are 10 Horror and Thriller TV Shows that you have to watch! So, get ready for the next few weeks filled with binging and hopefully inspiration for your next Halloween costume.

A disclaimer: The list is in no particular order and is based off mine and my flatmates’ opinions!

The Twilight Zone

With over 150 episodes to choose from, I don’t expect you to watch the whole series, but it’s definitely worth a watch – even just the first season. Created by Rod Sterling, there is a certain enigma about the show that captivates an audience.

This show, mixed with horror, comedy, superstition and science-fiction, brings good entertainment for those who can’t decide what they want to watch. After going through a retromania phase, I came across this show under my recommendations on Netflix. It was refreshing and definitely interesting to watch how far science-fiction has come since the 1950s.


From the makers of Insidious, this Indian mini-series is a must-watch if you want to step out of your comfort zone and want to try something new. It’s bloody, horrific and thrilling. What else would we want from a TV show that sets our mood for the perfect Halloween? Although, I must add that the plotline can be a bit loose at times, but this is all for entertainment anyways!

So, grab a drink and a blanket, turn the subtitles on and tune in.

Black Summer

When I first watched the show, I felt like I was thrown into a typical zombie post-apocalyptic movie which carried the same plot line – a group of stranded people trying to get back to their loved ones. But, the gritty, violent and dark nature of the show makes it the perfect Halloween show. Thoroughly entertaining and something you can watch after a tough day or distract yourselves.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Now, this isn’t the most obvious choice for a Halloween TV show because it’s not necessarily horror, but it definitely fits into the theme. I find cooking shows to be quite repetitive and boring when they carry the same concept, but this show stood out for me because of the set design and the characters involved.

The show doesn’t just revolve around the treats McConnell makes but also the characters she lives with and interacts with. The edibles look realistic, gruesome and tasty and those with a light heart can still get a taste of the spook-fest without actually getting a fright!

The Haunting of Hill House

Not exactly a hidden gem, but definitely a must-watch! A show with everything you want in a horror show; it has got a story that memorizes the viewers and definitely the scare factor we all need.

I love the parallel stories between the past and present and how flawlessly it was intertwined. I was on the edge of my bed the entire time, so this is definitely not for those who scare easily. This is the perfect film for Halloween and is probably one of the best I’ve come across.

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