Star Wars: The Rise of… The Franchise?

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In the lead, up to the ninth instalment of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga the fanbase has never been so divided. Currently, there are three groups; The Light side (those who still love the franchise), The Dark side (those who have fallen out of love with the franchise) and then the casual neutrals. By pre-sales alone, one thing is sure though all these fans will be going out in their thousands to watch ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ in cinemas this December.

The Last Jedi or the Last Straw?

Remember the days when Star Wars fans were split in their opinions over the prequel films? Well in 2017 director Rian Johnson came along. He decided to reignite the divide between Star Wars fans with the 8th instalment in the franchise ‘The Last Jedi’. This was the film we thought would finally give us all the answers to the questions left to us by ‘The Force Awakens’ two years prior. Instead, fans were given even more confusion, a plot that didn’t make sense and a film some called too ‘political’. Of course, there were a vast number of fans who loved the new direction of the franchise.

I think it was a beautifully made film with stunning visuals. Still, the convoluted plot took away from this and ultimately left me disappointed, even after re-watching. The negative response to this film raised questions over whether Disney was handling the franchise correctly and whether the ninth movie would be able to redeem this so far underwhelming new trilogy.

Thoughts, Predictions and Theories

This is the part where I tell you to look away if you don’t want the film spoiled for you, despite the fact I know nothing of the plot I usually do quite well with my predictions. Will Rey turn to the Dark side? Is Palpatine back?

Hopefully, by the end of the film we’ll be satisfied with the answers we get (if any) to these questions. I think the most likely thing to happen is Kylo Ren will come full circle and finally complete his redemption arc. This has been hinted at in both the previous movies and the final trailer. It would certainly please fans, as Adam Driver’s portrayal of Kylo has been a mentionable highlight of this new trilogy. And I hope Lando Calrissian makes it to the end of this film considering how the original trio has fared so far. Following the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher in 2017, fans will also be curious to see what happens to Leia in the film and whether it’s a suitable tribute for both the fantastic character and actress.

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One thing for sure is I can’t wait to be sat in the cinema with anticipation and excitement waiting for the iconic opening theme and title crawl to appear and throw me right back into the Star Wars universe.

Rise Of Skywalker or The Fall of Disney?

Despite the polarising views, people I have spoken to are still very excited for ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’. Disney making the decision to bring back ‘Force Awakens’ director JJ Abrams has been well received and many think he will be able to turn this trilogy of films around and ultimately leave us satisfied with the conclusion. Even though this is set to be the last film in the Skywalker Saga, Disney likely has other plans for the franchise. Still, if the new movie performs poorly, then Disney will need to have a big rethink in what they plan to do with the franchise.

The Final Trailer

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I was blown away. It builds up a lot of hype for the film without giving anything away and surprisingly, the most emotional moment of the trailer came from C-3PO. Overall, it was a very enticing trailer that has made myself and others I spoke to even more excited for the film.

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