How to Keep Yourself Toasty this Winter 


British weather is awful. Nobody likes it, but we all have to endure it. If, like me, you find the cold weather makes it ten times harder to do anything, then have a read of my tips below. 

Hand warmers will be your saving grace. 

These are my best friend when the temperatures get low. They make my journey to University almost bearable! (Which in turn, makes it a lot more likely I’ll get out of bed for my early morning lectures) You can buy them pretty much anywhere, the university pharmacy being one of these places. One in each pocket really does make the word of difference. But that’s not to say you don’t need to dress up warm, which brings me onto my next point. 

Dress for the weather you have, not the weather you want. 

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You’d be surprised how many people will complain they’re cold when they’re sat next to me in 3-degree weather wearing a vest. My response in that situation tends to be ‘well, of course you are!’ Nevertheless, just because at university your mum isn’t waiting at the bottom of the stairs to force you to put a coat on, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Be your own mum here; nobody likes to be cold. We have all of the summer to bare all, stay wrapped up and warm this winter. Not only will it make day-to-day things easier actually dressing for the UK climate, but it’ll also make you less likely to fall ill. Winter is notorious for carrying all manner of colds and viruses, skip as many of them as you can this year by keeping toasty.

Do not underestimate the ability of a hat

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I will never forget this fact because it’s been engraved into my brain by every parent, aunt, and uncle in my family! This fact being that 40-45% of body heat is lost through our heads! When I was younger, even I couldn’t argue with those figures. A hat is an accessory to any winter outfit. A cute bobble hat, a beanie, take your pick! But once you do pick, stick with it and wear it. It’ll keep you twice as warm as those who don’t. 

Equally, do not underestimate the ability of socks!

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While I haven’t got compelling statistics for you on this one, I can say that the hands and feet have special blood vessels which help control our body’s temperature. That’s why it’s so important to have some good socks on your feet before you step through the door! I shamelessly wear fluffy socks with my trainers to campus all the time, but if you’re a tad more stylish than I am, a good pair of thick cotton socks will do you a world of good!

If you’re commuting, bring a hot drink with you!

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These act as hand warmers and they keep you warm inside too- it’s a win-win! There are so many reasons to accompany yourself with a hot drink at all times. For one, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, they’re all delicious. Another reason is drinking like coffee and tea can offer you caffeine boosts through your day, as it’s proven you use more energy when it’s cold, so the likelihood is you’ll need it. Not a fan of tea or coffee? If you find yourself craving a warm caffeine boost- add a little bit of coffee to your hot chocolate and boom! You have a mocha.

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