Review: Stormy Weather – Tap, tap, tap, “Just do your stuff on the drums”

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Tap, tap, tap, “Just do your stuff on the drums

Bill Williamson: (wide smile, welcoming gestures)

The spirit of the 1920s has come forth tonight in all its black and white glory, bringing the magic till the ginger ale and root beer’s all gone. Shaking off the cobwebs, Stormy Weather regains some of its original flair taking us back to the day of long skirts and minstrel shows. Brought to you by Lancaster’s own Dukes Theatre, this charming tale of me, Bill Williamson, and my intrepid Hollywood montage should hit the mark.

Selina Rogers: (hand resting on Williamson’s shoulder)

Come and see him tap, tap, tapping all the way to the top.

Scene 1

(Bill and Selina’s house)

Bill Williamson:

So here it is, my story of fame and fortune; not only winning the heart of the people but also the beautiful Selina.

Selina Rogers: (blush)

Ah darlin’ you’re too kind.

Bill Williamson:

She steals the show with that beautiful voice of hers. Anyways back to my tale; it all began with that damned fellow, Chick Bailey. After Selina’s pleas he finally gave me a part in his show, said he’d put me right at the top. Well, I can tell you that’s just what he did. Out of sight out of mind, but I changed that didn’t I darlin’?

Selina Rogers:

You sure did Bill, then you got your own show.

Bill Williamson: (gleefully)

And it was a dream. Me tapping, you singing; it was my pride and joy. Finally I could show the world what I could do. And we were good, really good.

Selina Rogers:

We sure were, we fought for it. It was hard for a while with money and that, almost had to cancel everything but Gabe, our angel, he came and saved the show. Best day of my life. And the worst.

Bill Williamson:

Hey now, don’t you go and blame yourself. You wanted to keep singin’ and how could I stop you? You were a star and I knew you would come back to me. I waited and you came back my darlin’.

Selina Rogers: (smiling)

And I’m never gonna leave again. Me singing, you tapping. That’s how it should always be. There’s no two ways about love…

End of Scene

This gutsy tale of love, passion and pure talent captures genuine heart as Bill Williamson (Bill Robinson) fights for his time in the limelight. A born dancer, Bill isn’t noticed until the Ball celebrating the return of Jim Europe’s 15th Infinitary Band, and their service in the War. His return in 1918 leaves him all the time in the world but no chance to do what he loves, not until his talent is seen by the lovely Selina Rogers (Lena Rogers) and everything changes. Tap, tap, tap; Stormy Weather is the beating heart of American musicals – a must-see.

Born to sing, born to tap. A magical fusion of dance and music that rings with pure joy”.

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