Francesca’s Beauty Files


  1. What is your go-to look and what products do you use to achieve it?

I always try and minimise the amount of make up I have on day to day, especially when wearing a mask most of the time. Eye make-up is therefore extremely important when you’re trying to make an impression. Clean lines and widening illusions are important in my routines – I’m currently using No. 7 Gel eyeliner and an inexpensive eyeliner brush to achieve a half cat-eye flick to elongate my eyes and Pixie Beauty’s Endless Silky Eye Pen in White to widen them. I’m also making sure to keep my skin exfoliated and hydrated after being stuck under a mask all day.

2. You’re stranded on a desert island with only your five favourite cosmetics, what are they?

I would just say a good moisturiser and call it a day but with the luxury of choice I would have to go for a few more staples: 

(i) A well- balanced toner cross cleanser, I’m loving AlphaH Balancing Cleanser with Damask Rose, but it’s a limited edition so I need to stock up!

(ii) My perfect day cream currently from PURE, it’s vegan, sulphate and cruelty-free! 

(iii) No. 7 Lovely Lips Lip Balm in Poppy Petal, it is the perfect tinted lip balm that gives the vibrancy of a lipstick without the consequential chapped lips.

(iv) Percy & Reed Smoothing No-Oil Hair Oil; it’s the perfect non-sticky solution to dry hair ends. 

(v) The biggest bottle of Chanel No. 5 you can find.

3. What is your skincare routine?

Not overcomplicating what I put on my face; it changes daily depending on what my skin needs. I always use a day and night cream with SPF and always cleanse my face in the evening with a silicone exfoliating brush. Sticking to such a ‘routine’ I find can be damaging to your skin if you continually stick to certain products that your skin doesn’t really want. Imagine it like having soup every day of your life, the same one, even if you’re dying for another flavour: listen to your skin, it will need different things on different days.

4. What is the best beauty advice anyone has given you?

Make sure you choose a signature scent, wear it everywhere, make people remember you. And if your hair looks great, it doesn’t matter about anything else. You can never feel truly confident on a ‘bad hair day’.

5. What was your biggest makeup faux pas?

I used to wear so much foundation because I used to think that more make up would make me look grown-up – thankfully there isn’t much photo-evidence of this phase, but all those faux pas and embarrassing moments have helped me find my unique style and way of doing my make-up that I love today. 

6. What is a product that you have your eye on and why?

I have had my eye on LUSH’s ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ facemask. I find that because I have quite well-behaved skin, I struggle to find something that isn’t too hydrating or too mattifying, I’ve heard great things about this mask; that its perfect for combination skin. Maybe it will fall into my basket next time I wander into the aromas of LUSH in Lancaster city centre.

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