Dressing for the Season


What a year! We have seen and learnt a lot this year, reflected on our priorities and fought our way through a term at university. Some of us made it home, others didn’t and my heart really goes out to all of you who have had to adjust in any way to this bizarre festive period. Whether you find yourself in tier 2,3 or 4, New Year looks odd this year but all is not lost. The festive period is perhaps the only chance we will get to wear outfits that have been tucked away so I say make the most of it. There are many different dressers over the festive period but whether you are a jammie jumper or a glittery gadabout, there is something for everyone; which are you?

The PJ Pouncer

Roll out of bed looking fabulous, maybe run a brush through your hair, or maybe not up to you. This is the most versatile of the styles, ranging from the sophisticated savant sipping champagne in satin (well it is a special occasion) to fluffy slippers and cosy dressing gowns cuddled up by the fire, tea in hand. Whatever your take is, wear the uniform of this year with pride. 

The Zoom Savant’s Zooming into the New Year

Jeans and a nice top? Forget it … trackies and a nice top is now in. As it is Christmas, perhaps try a new hairstyle since hair accessories are on the rise. Blair Waldorf style hairbands are ideal for prolonged times online. However, my opinion is that if you have to spend Christmas on a video call then who really cares what you are wearing. 

The Casual Cookie

Will it be jeans or cigarette trousers, skirt or wide-leg trousers? Blouses, shirts, tees or a Christmas jumper? Who cares- we made it out of PJs, mince pie as a reward. Some whimsical headwear is generally necessary for this look perhaps some bouncing Christmas trees or a Santa hat. 

The Glamorous Gal (or Guy of course!)

Let’s let this year go out with a bang, in a flash of colour and glitzy elegance. As we cheer away the hell hole that has been 2020, why not start as you mean to go on. This would be the ideal opportunity to dust off an outfit that was sadly tucked away in March, high heels on and let’s sparkle, literally and metaphorically, into the New Year. 

I know for me, I will probably transition throughout the day from type to type, gradually metamorphosing into more glamour, reserving any sparkle I have left for welcoming in 2021. This New Year’s will be a far cry from last year, I welcomed the decade in with a Gatsby party so perhaps the melancholy and sombre ending to the year is rather fitting. Nonetheless, how ever you spend New Year’s eve and whatever you wear, everyone at SCAN wishes you the very best! 

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