‘Brown is the new beige’: How did this trend emerge so quickly? How does it reflect the current circumstances of the pandemic?


Despite the many changes and developments that are ongoing throughout the early 2021 period, those of us engaged in the latest fashion developments might have noticed the current “brown is the new beige trend” that is taking over our feeds. Of course, the classic neutrals and beiges have been ongoing trends for a few seasons, which I’m sure many of you are a fan of or love when it comes to picking out your top autumn-winter outfit essentials. You may have seen that amongst recent seasonal runway shows, these ever-so-popular light-neutral beige pieces have been taken over by richer shades of chocolate, caramel and mocha. I tend to live in a selection of neutral-toned outfits during the winter months, so the new brown pieces are up my street. The classic, favourite beige shades have been taken over by new darker shades, and it seems to be here to stay… well at least for the near future anyway. Here’s a little insight into the current “brown trend” people are following. 

Amongst recent seasons, these brown shades were spotted on designer A/W runways, from Bottega Veneta to Prabal Gurung, where they displayed chocolate brown pieces, from outerwear to eveningwear. Fashion commentators have indicated that brown tones have been waiting their turn for a long time. It can also be seen that brown’s return to the height of fashion trends is due to the popularity of monochromatic looks. So many fashion influencers have been capturing their all beige, nude or brown outfits, whether their wardrobe is dominated by sportswear, loungewear or high-end designer-wear. This preference for a colour scheme and mix-and-match looks fits perfectly with the dark-toned shades of brown we are seeing becoming increasingly popular all over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Many influencers have been making a staple with their outerwear with street style’s latest colour craze, from mocha-coloured blazers to a caramel oversized puffer jacket. Brown shades have been made wearable across a variety of pieces, including 90s style flares, faux leather tops, trousers and mini shoulder bags, found in stores such as Zara. 

Yes, I am keen on this trend and I have a feeling it’s going to stick around for a while longer. You might wonder what this colour shift means since we are continuously witnessing new colour trends as the seasons progress. What if we think of this in terms of the pandemic? (oh no-no-no…)

So many of us have begun to minimalize our style, as we have gotten used to lounging around during lockdown. For those of us that have not once shifted our attention from styling and shopping, we may have begun to adopt these wearable dark neutral tones into our winter wardrobes, or whilst enjoying the comforts of loungewear whilst working from home. The “brown is the new beige” trend is truly reflecting a take on embracing natural beauty since the pandemic. We’re now at a point where this brown trend has transitioned from being an avoidable shade to one that can be seen to embrace our natural beauty and minimalistic preferences in style. I know I’ll be sipping my hot chocolates in my cocoa-brown loungewear for the foreseeable future. 

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