The Best Foreign Language Series to Watch on Netflix


In recent years, Netflix has increasingly invested in international markets, producing series in languages from German to Korean. Especially following the success of Money Heist, Netflix has seen the potential popularity of foreign TV series and continues to target non-English markets. With the increasing options of foreign language series, these are just some of the foreign language Netflix Original series you should give a chance.

Money Heist

Language: Spanish

One of the most popular of Netflix’s foreign-language series, Money Heist (original title: La Casa de Papel), aired in May 2017 and has since then gained a huge fanbase. The series currently has four seasons, with the fifth season coming in 2021. For anyone who has yet to watch this treat of a series, I’ll avoid the spoilers. The series follows an unusual group of robbers, led by the character called The Professor, who occupy the Royal Mint of Spain and attempt one of the biggest robberies in history. It’s a thrilling series, which leaves you invested in the characters and keeps you clicking “next episode.”


Language: French

Following the success of Money Heist, Netflix produced yet another robbery series, this time the French series Lupin. Although similar in tone to Money Heist, Lupin is different from the Spanish series in many ways, from plot to characters. Instead of a group of robbers, the series follows one main character, a gentleman thief named Assane Diop. Like Money Heist, questions of justice are central to the plot, but Lupin is also significantly more focused on family. This crime drama is definitely one to check out, with only ten episodes released so far, and a part two hopefully on the horizon sooner rather than later. 


Language: Korean

It’s perhaps not an uncommon opinion that zombie apocalypse series have been overdone. Zombies have been done in almost every context, subject, and genre, yet Kingdom manages to bring an interesting twist on the topic. Forget shotguns to the head, Kingdom sets its zombie apocalypse in the Korean medieval Joseon period and sets exceptional moments, incredible pacing, and gory scenes against a rich culture. With two seasons, and a third on the way, Netflix’s first Korean series is a refreshing take on the zombie apocalypse trope, and it’s a must-watch if you enjoy genuine scares and gory zombie attacks.


Language: German

Following on with the theme of the thrilling series, the popular German series Dark is one to check out for any science fiction fans. The series follows a group of characters from the small fictional town, Winden, as they search for the truth after a child’s disappearance. It’s a series largely revolving around the concept of time, time travel, and time fluctuations, as well as secrets. Like the name implies; the series dives into the dark past of families and generations of the small German town, uncovering conspiracies and dark secrets. If you like tense and terrifying mysteries, this sci-fi noir series might be for you.

¡Nailed it! México

Language: Spanish

If you’re tired of tense thrillers, dystopias, and crime dramas, and you want something more light-hearted and fun to watch, then Netflix’s Nailed It franchise is one to check out. The series is a reality bake-off competition, where the contestants are amateurs, leaving for sometimes messy, but always funny results. Netflix has produced a variety of different international spin-offs of this series, but the Mexican one is one of the best. Featuring smashed piñata cakes, tequila-infused cocktails, and telenovela-inspired challenges, this baking show is a fun, easy watch for when you need something more cheerful.

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