Lockdown Life Hacks That Are Now My Everyday

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I’m sure you’re all just about done with lockdown this and lockdown that but hear me out…how many cool life hacks did you pick up over lockdown? AYYY, thanks Tiktok for serving us in our hour of need. Not only have you revolutionised the humble wrap, but you’ve taught us how to keep it classy without all the effort. In case you were one of those who actually spent lockdown being productive and never felt the need to turn your bed into your own personal cave, here’s everything you missed. These are my top 5 favourite lifehacks of lockdown that are now instinctive and honestly, I’m not mad about it…

In reverse order we have: 

5. Frozen Chips: 

We’ve all been there, you open your bag of frozen chips, throw some on a baking tray then realise you’re not the Hulk and won’t be having the entire bag. If you’re smart you would have clocked this earlier and tried to cut along the top just to have your surviving chips mock your half-assed attempt at resealing the bag. Hark, have no fear; I’m now a certified frozen chip bag whisper! Take your scissors and cut a deep triangle in the centre of your bag, pour out how much you want then take the two handles you’ve made and tie them together. Boom, ready for the freezer. 

4. Bell Peppers:

Right, this has been a lifelong journey for me; bell peppers are my nemesis. How are you meant to cut them without losing half the pepper? This hack is legitimate sorcery; take you pepper, chop off the stem, flip it over then cut along the indents so you have four quarters. Bish, Bash, Bosh, my life’s work is complete…and this was only no.4.  

3. Broccoli: 

This one not only saves you some washing up but is just wayyy more convenient. So instead of diligently chopping up your broccoli, boil water in a saucepan and just throw the whole thing in. Trust me, it’s brilliant! Just make sure you put it in with the florets at the bottom or you will be left with some boiled broccoli stem aha. Once boiled, use the stem as a handle and chop the florets straight onto your plate. Voila, “what can I say except, Your Welcome”. 

2. Chocolate Toastie 

Now, I’m pretty sure most of you will have seen this one but oh my it’s too good to not be in the top 5. All you need are two slices of white bread and a couple squares of your favourite chocolate; love me some Bournville but any will do. Place your chocolate in the centre of one slice then place the other slice on top, take a glass and press into the bread to make a circle shaped toastie with your chocolate safely snuggled inside. Now whack it in the toaster and enjoy; 10/10 want one of these now urgh.  

And Finally…

  1. Single Saucepan Saucy Spaghetti 

If you thought you were the master of lazy student meals, you were wrong. This hack won’t just save you washing up but will literally change your approach to spaghetti forever. All you have to do is pour your pasta sauce into a saucepan, add the amount of water you would normally to boil your spaghetti then throw your spaghetti straight in. Once the spaghetti is cooked, give it all a quick mix, add some meatballs if you’re feeling fancy and ta-da, single saucepan saucy spaghetti coming right up. 

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