Student Beans X The 93% Club Foundation
Lancaster 93% Club Delighted As Student Beans Launch Its Social Impact Programme

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On the 10th January 2022, Student Beans announced the launch of its first-ever Social Impact Programme which will provide tools and opportunities for underrepresented, unsupported or otherwise disadvantaged individuals.

Student Beans are already recognised for supporting millions of students nationwide with exclusive discounts throughout the year, whether that’s clothes, takeaway or even travel. However, in its continued commitment to students, Student Beans hopes to provide more students with the support, tools and opportunities they need to thrive, work harder to create a more sustainable and equitable future and provide students with better mental health advice and support.

Through its official partnership with the first and largest network of state-school students, the 93% Club, Student Beans has launched its Social Impact Programme with the hopes of providing more public awareness for social inequality amongst students. With 93% of the UK population currently state-school educated, Student Beans’ Social Impact Programme aims to provide opportunities that may not always be accessible to those in state-school education.

As well as generating opportunities, Student Beans will also be organising bespoke workshops and training for the team at The 93% Foundation as part of their student living initiative, including skill-sharing workshops, mentoring programmes and awareness campaigns.  

Mike Eder, CEO and Co-Founder of Student Beans expressed they’re “proud to join forces with The 93% Foundation as its first campaign partner” and are excited to use their “expertise in student marketing to develop creative campaigns to help break down barriers for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

SCAN reached out to The 93% Club Lancaster who expressed their excitement in this partnership with Chloé Hampton, Marketing Director for The 93% Foundation and VP Media and Marketing for The 93% Club Lancaster, commenting that, “we are delighted to be working alongside Student Beans to support their new Social Impact Programme.”

“As a foundation, we are proud to work alongside organisations dedicated to shifting the dial on social mobility. We are therefore immensely excited to be working with Student Beans to generate opportunity and showcase state-educated talent, in the shared belief that state-educated students should be entitled to access the same opportunities as their privately educated peers, on an equal footing.”


More information on Student Beans’ Social Impact Programme can be found at:

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