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Broken Shoes And Camaraderie: Development Hockey Make Their Debut At Roses 2022

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There may not have been any points up for grabs but Development Hockey poured their hearts and souls into their debut, bringing pride to the club.

There is often a misconception that Roses is only for the advanced athletes amongst us. Those who have years of experience in sport, live in club merch and can bench over 180kg for reps. But sport is for everyone and the mixed development hockey team truly embody that sense of camaraderie.

This year, the team made their Roses debut and what a debut it was. Every player went onto the pitch ready to fight; one player even broke his trainers mid game. Luckily, Will Collins (Development Hockey Captain elect) was on hand to throw the player his own whilst continuing to shout support from the side-lines in his socks.

Although York dominated possession in the first half, Lancaster worked hard in defence, keeping the score down to 3-0.

A special mention must go to Lancaster’s goal keeper, Sky Beardmore who was monumental in defence, making some brilliant saves.

Going into the second half, a fully refreshed Lancaster team took their positions ready to battle for the win. It was incredible to see an almost completely new line-up return to the pitch; there really was no shortage in players.

The second half saw Lancaster focusing on attack, driving down the wings and outmanoeuvring their opponents with the likes of the infamous v drag. Lancaster’s midfielders did particularly well to drive the ball up the pitch, giving the forwards far more opportunity to strike. On several occasions Lancaster almost scored but York were quick to recover and defend.

Outstanding performances in the second half were had by Timo Makower (Defence), Simon Buckley (Midfield) and Josh Denton (Defence), all of whom were nominated for Man of the Match. Both Makower and Denton put up a strong fight against York’s advances and Buckley made some excellent runs in midfield, giving Lancaster’s forwards a strong support system.

However, despite Lancaster’s best efforts in the second half, York still managed to secure the win with 7-0 at full time. Although Lancaster didn’t win, every player pushed themselves until the very end and should be very proud of their performance.

After the match, SCAN spoke with Will Collins and Maria Lomas (Development Hockey Captain elects) on how they felt the game went. Collins expressed that he was “so proud” of the team and that it was “the best they have ever played.” Lomas added that it was a “great show of team work and camaraderie” and that a good number of players had join the squad with “little to no hockey experience” but after watching their performance in Roses, they’ve improved so much.

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