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Ultimate Frisbee Went Fishing And Came Back With A Shark!

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Ultimate Frisbee secure the win for Lancaster as York crumble under the pressure.

Although I have never been to an Ultimate Frisbee match before, it’s certainly something I plan on attending again. An adrenaline packed sport with sprints and mid-air steals; I couldn’t have asked for more.

First up, the men’s team. Eager to start, both teams lined up on either side of the pitch ready to attack. The Lancaster Fish were quick to react with Ollie Tanner-Smith leading the charge. It wasn’t long before the Fish were in possession and had scored the first points of the match.

However, even though Lancaster spent the majority of the match in possession, they remained focused throughout. It was this focus and determination that kept the momentum going for the Lancaster Fish.

After an hour of play, Lancaster reached match point, putting the pressure on York who lagged behind. Unfortunately for York, the Lancaster Fish had no intention of casting out broken nets and the match was swiftly won minutes later. Outstanding performances go to both Oscar Payne and Ollie Tanner-Smith who showed themselves to be a dynamic duo, working their way up the pitch with ease.

SCAN spoke with the men’s captain, Oscar Payne, after the match to hear how they thought it went. Payne kept it short and sweet with “we love chasing the pull.”

Next up, the open match. The open team is made up of players from both the men’s and women’s team.

Before the match, Oscar Payne spoke to SCAN explaining that the open team had been focusing on “intensity and adaptability” in the lead up to Roses. Both skills were clearly shown early on with Lancaster taking a two point lead over York by the end of the first half.

Going into the second half, Lancaster decided to change tactics and make some player substitutions with the hope of extending their lead over York. These changes certainly paid off as Lancaster began to dominate possession. York began to make mistake after mistake under the pressure. As a result, Lancaster secured a 15-6 victory.

“Everyone played so well, I couldn’t pick a standout [performance]” Payne told SCAN after the match. When asked how the team were going to celebrate, Payne said that the club drinking ban was still be in effect, but The Sugarhouse and Beer Olympics appeared in the same sentence so we shall never know how Lancaster Fish truly celebrated their victory.

With Lancaster winning both the men’s and open outdoor matches, five points had already been secured, but would Lancaster bring home the final four points in the women’s match? The short answer is, yes. The long answer is, they went fishing and came back with a shark.

After having seen the impressive performances of the previous two teams, the women’s, captained by Indre Aruodziute, were ready for battle. This match was much tighter than the first but with some last minute changes in tactics, Lancaster secured the win.

Outstanding performance goes to Katie Russell who excelled throughout the match as well as offering some incredible endzone play and countless layouts.

SCAN spoke with the women’s captain after the match, to discuss the team’s preparation for Roses. Indre Aruodzuite explained that the “weeks leading up to Roses, the club captains organised an intense training schedule with daily training sessions during the last week of the Easter break.” Through these sessions, “everyone improved significantly which made picking teams a really challenging task.”

When asked about upcoming competitions, Aruodziute explained that the club’s “biggest battle is now over but we still have Outdoor Nationals in eight weeks, so the team is taking a short break now but will be back to intense training soon!”

Ultimate Frisbee Men’s – Lancaster 15:7 (4 points)

Ultimate Frisbee Women’s – Lancaster 15:10 (4 points)

Ultimate Frisbee Open – Lancaster 15:6 (1 point)

For more information about the club, please follow the link here

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