24 Hour Race Lancaster Set to Raise Awareness for Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking


On the 28th May 2022, students from Lancaster University be participating in a relay to raise awareness for modern slavery and human trafficking.

TW: Mention of slavery and human trafficking

24 Hour Race is a student-led charity, working towards raising money to help the victims of Modern Slavery and human trafficking as well as amplifying their voices. It originates from Hong Kong but has since branched out to Singapore, San Francisco, Hiroshima and several UK universities.

Modern Slavery is a rising issue; Arise Foundation believe that “today, there are more slaves in the world than ever before,” with an estimate of 40.3 million slaves and 4.8 million enduring human trafficking. Organ trafficking has also increased with an estimated 90,000 kidneys on the black market.

So, how can you get involved in raising awareness and supporting this charity?

24 Hour Race Lancaster will be hosting a relay race on the 28th May, starting at Lancaster University’s Sports Centre to fundraise and raise awareness for victims of Modern Slavery and human trafficking. The race will begin at 9am and last for 12 hours.

Each team must consist of eight individuals and will be set a team fundraising target of £200, so £25 pounds per runner.

This race is for anyone, regardless of fitness levels. You can walk, run, skip, or even dance your laps. So if running and all things sports comes as easily to you as a fish trying to do hopscotch, you can still participate in the relay and fight for this worthy cause.

During the race, there will be music and performances from societies such as LUDanS and LU Magic and Circus Society. There will also be food and a variety of games/competitions to get involved in.

To sign up to the relay, follow the link here

To apply to participate with entertainment, follow the link here

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