The Lancaster Autumn Careers Fair: A Forge of Futures


Dozens of top UK graduate employers scout Lancaster University‘s talent in an event full of opportunity.

Hundreds of students crowded the display stalls at Lancaster University’s Autumn Careers Fair on Wednesday, eager to discuss their futures with the ‘talent hunters.’ In attendance were representatives of 85 prospective companies including the Bank of America, Jaguar Land Rover, and Unilever.

“It’s great that we finally have an opportunity to hold this event. Having to do it remotely for the last two years didn’t have as much of an impact as it usually does.”

Nuala Lewis, Employment Engagement Manager for Lancaster University

According to Ms Lewis, the importance of such an opportunity cannot be understated. For students to have the opportunity to speak to employers about their career prospects opens doors. It can mark their first steps towards future employment.

When speaking to SCAN, one company representative said: “We love conversing with the students themselves; it’s a good chance to discuss the positions we’re offering, the skills and academic knowledge required. We’ve found some prospective candidates, others found us instead.”

Another representative stressed the importance of the event: “If you just apply online, sometimes, there’s absolutely no contact – just forms, a CV and a cover letter. Here, you can interact with the actual employees, find out what the workplaces are actually like.”

The Lancaster University Autumn Careers fair is a central part of career planning for many students, but it thankfully isn’t the last. Careers Connect, the Lancaster University Career and Employability service, hold termly events for students who are thinking about their life after University.

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